“Stato Earning Money From Whatsapp Status Review”

Hello guys, This is another Extra income app (Stato – Earning Money From Whatsapp status) which you can download from play store and start earning by viewing images that are uploaded by other users. You can also share them on your social media.

They have already 1,000+ download installs.

There are a lot of same applications which is giving us extra income and lets dive right in for this new amazing app. Lets see if they are really paying and if this is worth your time.

Watch this video:

Stato review earn more money2020

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Stato Earning Money From Whatsapp Status Review - Legit or Scam? 2020 2

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Stato - Earning Money From Whatsapp Status Review

You can download Stato in Playstore here is the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sherif.status_app_all&hl=en

  • you can upload and download : status – videos – images – quotes – gifs (offline – online )
  • create your original content upload it and earn money from views
  • upload creative contents and get a lot of followers

According to STATO:

You Can earn alot of money from yor activity in Stato

  • Multi Dynamic Languages
  • Search by using categories,title,keywords about status and users
  • Long Press to view Status status
  • Status Reactions (Like, Love ,Angry , Haha, WooW,Sad)
  • Status Comments
  • Share Status(Whatsapp,Facebook,Instagram…)
  • Trusted badge to upload status without review
  • Following system
  • User Can Post Own Status : Video / Gif / Image / Quote
  • Invite users and earn money by using reference code
  • Earning system : by creating content
  • withdrawals system
  • Subscription to delete Ads
  • Whatsapp Status Saved App integrated
  • And Many other features discover them now !

you can share your cntent via facebook , snapchat , twitter , whatsapp , messenger , intsagram and download them offline

How to register in Stato?

When you have already downloaded the Stato on your android phone. Registering to the application is very easy. You can either login by using facebook or Google account.

If you have sign up with your account already then you can just skip what ever you see in the screen and just allow the access to you android device.

You can refer to the images bellow.

How to earn in Stato?

It is really simple to earn in Stato. You can view posts by other users and like or share on the post that they uploaded. Stato will then give you points. These points will then be converted into cash.

1$ is equivalent to 1000 points. If you have invited 50 people.

That will be times to 100 points each will be 5000 points.

You can withdraw 1$ to your Paypal according to my research. I am guessing their is a fee if you will withdraw so it’s better to withdraw with $5 minimum.

Stato Earning Money From Whatsapp Status Review - Legit or Scam? 2020 3

So you see they are saying that when you are going to view status or like them you will have 1 point.

IF you love the content and will share in your facebook profile then you will have 2 points in doing that.

If you have original content and upload it on the app you will have 5 points that will be receive on your account. That is 5 points per uploaded status.

The best point that is really intriggers me is the invitation to your friends or followers. You will earn 100 points in just 1 user that will use your referral code.

Do’s and Dont’s

  • Do not Farm
  • No Hacking

It is better to follow the rules in this app than regreting afterwards during the time when you will withdraw your money.

Their are a lot of complaints with other applications that they didn’t received the payments. It is because they are farming points which can be detected by any robots.

I am sure they are using robots to monitor the activities of the users. Since there are a lot of users already in the platform.

How many Points Per Referral?

Well they already answer this at their download page in playstore. And it is 100 points per referral.

It is the biggest points that you can get to have more points or earn more.

So the tasks will be inviting more friends to have more money.

Stato Earning Money From Whatsapp Status Review - Legit or Scam? 2020 4

They have already good reviews in playstore.

The only bad comments are “I’m can’t get uploading reward…so please solve this problem…” by some of the users.

Payment Proof?

After Searching the Web if there are already payment proof that has been uploaded. What I got is nothing. Because this is new app.

So we have a challenge to do the best we can so we can have a minimum ammount to withdraw in our Gcash or bank account.

We will update this blog post if we failed or success in withdrawing the money.

Where to Withdraw?

You can withdraw your money going to your Paypal account.

Other mode of payments is Visa, Mastercard, and Skill.

Because the Developer is not a Filipino so the mode of payments can be Paypal only. From Paypal we can transfer the money going to our ATM cards or bank accounts.


IF $1 is the minimum ammount to withdraw then I can recommend that this is legit.

But we will make sure that they will pay. So we will update this blog if we will achieve 1$. That will be 10 people to invite right.

For now it is 50% Legit.

Rating will be 4 star for now hehe.

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