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How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019

Do you know How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019?

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019
I am looking to see new free plugins to use to speedup the wordpress website and that it will have all the score to A. And this is what i have found that really works. And it will change your website speed in just miliseconds.

W3 Total Cache

Really awesome plugin now if you will use DNS using cloudflare services they have this awesome settings that will automatically do that for you. I highly recommend this. And W3 total cache will certainly remove cache in your website.

    1. CDN Support
    1. Browser caching
    1. Database caching
    1. Object caching
    1. Minifying
  1. CloudFlare Support

Imagify Image optimizer

Imagify provides similar service like ShortPixel but they provides extra option to get image more lighter as compared to ShortPixel, but this setting clearly shown image quality degration.
It’s better for compression JPG image, and they provide you a better plan in free membership program. Imagify provide 25MB/Month quota for optimizing the image. This plugin saves 3.5MB from 7Mb image folder in my other blog.

    1. Resize/Optimize your image automatically
    1. Bulk image optimizing option
  1. Simple to use

Now the 3rd plugin we are going to use is

Above the fold Optimization

This plugin is a toolkit for WordPress Optimization with a focus on SEO. The plugin enables to achieve a 100 score in the Google PageSpeed Insights test and an Excellent score in Google’s latest AI-based Mobile Performance Benchmark test.
This plugin is compatible with most optimization, minification and full page cache plugins and can be made compatible with other plugins by creating a module extension.
Now I haven’t tried this one yet but eventually, I will.
And also in addition to optimizing your images will be using EWWW optimizer.
I have a video collection of a combination of 2 or 3 plugins that can decrease the speed if this options will not help.
I will add more of this once i saw other videos that can help.
Here some free tools for measuring your website speed,

    1. Website Speed Test
    1. GTMetrix
  1. WebPageTest

Please don’t install everything on your blog because less is more. There are many ways to speed up your WordPress site, and a plugin is a safe and best way.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019??? Or you want to improve the Speed of your site??

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