How to tag companies on LinkedIn: Complete Guide

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LinkedIn is a powerful platform for business networking and lead generation. One of the ways you can maximize its potential is by tagging companies on LinkedIn. When you organize a company, LinkedIn will create a page for that company on your profile where you can see all of the updates and conversations related to that company. In this article, we will show you how to tag companies on LinkedIn and explain the benefits of doing so.

To tag a company on LinkedIn, go to your profile’s “Companies” tab and type in the company’s name. LinkedIn will then provide you with a list of companies that match your search. Select the suitable company from the list and click the “Follow” button. Once you follow a company, it will be added to your list of companies under the “Following” tab.

Tagging companies on LinkedIn has several benefits. First, it lets you stay up-to-date with what is happening at that company. You can see all of the latest news and updates from the company in one place. This is especially useful if you are trying to track multiple companies simultaneously. Second, tagging companies on LinkedIn lets you join conversations about that company. You can see what other people say about the company and join in on the discussion. This is a great way to build relationships with other professionals on LinkedIn. Finally, tagging companies on LinkedIn shows your network that you are interested in that company. This can help you attract the attention of recruiters and hiring managers who may be looking for candidates with your skills and experience.

Benefits of Tagging Companies on LinkedIn

On the LinkedIn homepage, you have the option of tagging both people and organizations. Organizing an organization on LinkedIn creates hyperlinks that take you to their profile. If you choose to manage businesses on your LinkedIn profile, here are some of the advantages it may give:

  • They will become aware of your presence.
  • Potential customers will be more likely to engage with you.

-Companies will become aware of you

By tagging a company in your article, you’re not only notifying them via email but also significantly increases the likelihood of getting their attention. And if your post is valuable to them, you’ll create a lasting impression and relationship.

-Companies will engage with you

You can tag a company on LinkedIn postings to increase their likelihood of responding to you. A company will check out anyone who organizes them. They’ll probably leave a like, make a comment, or share your post if they discover your post relevant or helpful to them. However, use tagging strategically. Don’t just tag people without cause on your son’s birthday party photographs. Make good use of your material and the tagging feature to build your network.

How to Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

You can increase your article’s visibility on LinkedIn by tagging companies in it. This will also allow a bigger audience to interact with your writing, increasing your chances of exposure and impressions.

Here’s how you can tag companies on LinkedIn:

Step 1:

To begin, go to the post option and choose a LinkedIn post you’d want to share with your LinkedIn network.

Step 2:

Start writing a caption for the post you’d like to share on LinkedIn.

Step 3:

To tag someone or anything, put the @ symbol first, then the name with no gaps. For example, “@ibm.”

When you’ve located the person or company you’re looking for on social media, click their or the company’s name.

Step 4:

Check to see whether the name you mentioned has gone big. You may repeat the same steps whenever you need to tag something in a post. The title will go bold, indicating that the person or company has been correctly organized. Otherwise, be cautious about any typos you make when entering the name, and continue typing.

Step 5:

Last but not least, make the article public by clicking the “Post” button once you’ve completed it. The names you’ve highlighted will be able to connect directly to your network, and you’ll notify those who have been tagged. When posting something about a company, use Hyperise to create customized images.

Why Tag Companies on LinkedIn?

There’s no denying that tagging companies and LinkedIn members can come in handy if done correctly. When you tag a company, you’re opening the door to potentially establishing a positive relationship with them. For example, imagine you Solved a problem with help from XYZ Company- go ahead and tag their company page to let them know about it by creating a new post; They’ll appreciate being thanked on such a measurable platform like LinkedIn.

You can extend your LinkedIn audience by tagging appropriate companies; when you do so, the company’s employees and avid followers receive a notification. This increases your reach to the company and extends to its followers, bringing more attention to your post.

Furthermore, if you tag a company and it engages with you, your LinkedIn connections will begin associating you with that organization. Consequently, it’ll appear as though you’re well-connected with them, which could lead to potential collaboration opportunities in the future.

If you use your real name in an original article, you may be able to get a job with that firm. For example, if you’re a Graphic Designer looking for employment, you can choose a business for which you’d like to work. Make a portfolio reflecting the work of your target company. Share your portfolio and tag them so they can notice it. They’ll most likely remember you and contact you if they have any openings.


By tagging companies on LinkedIn, you can create a page for each company where you can see all of the updates and conversations related to that company. This will help you keep track of what your contacts say about the companies they work for and give you an edge in networking and lead generation. Have you tried tagging companies on LinkedIn? What has been your experience?

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