How to speed your WordPress website? Well, you are in the right article, And after reading this article you will learn speeding your website.

Well, all these years I have been testing different techniques to speed up WordPress websites and this is the best combination for me. You can also test it and see what will happen to your speed.

Before anything else, Be sure to backup your website so we can recover the state before we messed up the site. (laughing)

Pay for SPeeding your WordPress Site

Do you need to pay to speed up your WordPress Site?

For this tutorial purpose you don’t need to pay me anything. Because I teach this for free. And your website will have improvements guaranteed.

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Easy Ways To Speed Up WordPress

Actually speeding your website is a little ranking signal for your website. Not all care for speed, as long as your website provides good quality content. Then your visitor will always stay and wait for your pages to load. So keep in mind, just make your content Valuable to your audiences.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019 1

Why WordPress Site Speed Matters?

Speed is important because it is included in the 200+ ranking factors that Google consider website must rank in the SERPS.

I have to say this again, it is just one of the 200+ ranking factors that Google counts. But when your website loads slower than a minute. I will bet, Your visitor is gone before the fully loaded page arrived.

Are you ready? Let’s Get this Fixed!

How To Speed Up WordPress

Take note that this is not in order in which you will follow. This is based on my website experience in speed. You should also consider external scripts that you need like in conversions for that you don’t have any control on them.

If you follow this steps I guarantee you have improvements on your speed.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019 2

1. Choose Good Hosting Server

Wpgio started in free hosting, funny right but it’s true. I first purchased the domain in namecheap then I have no hosting yet so I decided to host it in a free and shared hosting.

Guess what happened? Well I experienced a lot of down times. What I mean to say is that the hosting is not good specially free. I always get this email saying your website is down at the moment.

Then I transfer to SiteGround and Everything is Working well for me. Check out my article here on How to Sign Up in SiteGround Hosting.

Note: Above is my personal referral link which provides a small discount (and a small commission to me) if you use it. I only recommend products I personally use and companies I support.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019 3

2. Choose a Solid Theme for WordPress

You can check in Envato Themes which are providing tons of solid themes that fit to your needs. For me I tried to design my theme manually so I know what codes I need.

In order for you to pick the right theme, check the theme reviews and how users love theme. Or if you need me to choose which theme is best for you and speed it. You can contact me anytime. Click the button bellow and contact me.

Themes are really important to start the speeding your website because there are lots of bloated code themes out there, and the extra codes that you don’t need can also slow down your website.

3. Choose an Effective Caching Plugin

This are the best Caching plugin that I have tested and still using at this days.

Note: If you are using a paid plugin then it is much better, Contact me if you want me to setup your paid plugin properly.

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019 4

WP Fastest Cache

I like WP Fastest Cache because it is easy to use, you can just check all the settings. Let me show you my settings here:

Wp Fastest Cache Plugin for speeding your WordPress Website

When you go to WP Fastest Cache Settings, you can check all settings and then hit submit. After that you can delete cache and minified css/js to see the improvements on your website.


The other plugin to help in the process is Autoptimize.

This plugin helps me to minify the html, css, and javascript on my site. Now be sure to check if your site is still functioning correctly after you minify your javascript. You basically must test it to async or defer javascripts.

The settings are these:

Autoptimize Cache Plugin for speeding your WordPress Website

You have 3 options that you should check or enable which is the HTML, CSS and javascript. After that you will click the Save Changes and Empty Cache.

4. Choose a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

There are paid versions for content delivery network (cdn) and also free versions. The only available free version of CDN is Cloudflare.

How to setup cloudflare?

Well seting up cloudflare is also easy, First thing to do is Sign-up in cloudflare.

Then you need to point the nameservers of your domain to cloudflare. I found this video in youtube and it really explains on what to do to setup cloudflare properly.

Perfect! You have done setup cloudflare? Good, Well if not? You can always contact me to do this for you. Really simple. Just contact me anytime and i’ll reply to you and setup cloudflare for you.

So just to repeat the important details that you need to do is minifying again the html, css, and javascript on cloudflare. See image below.

Cloudflare settings

In order for you to find the speed settings, you just lick the box that is for Speed then check/tick the javascript, css, and html. Then you are good to go.

Other than that, you need to purchase the other settings for speed.

5. Optimize images (automatically)

Some of the website don’t care of images being optimized. Hahaha! Me too! But for clients websites I always smush images. Clients websites is much important than mine.

So you could learn How to optimize images automatically? the plugin that you need is Smush plugin.

In order for you to find this plugin, go to plugins and then Add New Plugin. Then search for Smush: check image below

How to Speed up Your WordPress Site in 2019 6

Once you have installed the Smush plugin then you can smush images in free version, 50 images per click.

If your images is more than 1mb then you can use an online image smusher. You can always visit an Online Image Compressor. They are free and works all the time.

Well hope this article help in speeding your WordPress Website. Please remember the 5 steps to speed. And let me know how did it go to your WordPress Website.


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