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I have an extensive SEO background, collaborating with clients from various industries to enhance their online presence. My expertise encompasses techniques like keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and local/Ecommerce/international SEO.

Book a call, and I would be more than happy to provide examples of my past achievements, testimonials, and before/after results of our SEO campaigns, which may provide even more insights.

Thank you for considering my expertise, and I welcome the chance to discuss how I can contribute to the success of your business.

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Your SEO Journey with Mr.G – Crafting Digital Success

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Personalized SEO Strategies:

At WPGIO, we take a hands-on approach to SEO. We understands that each business is unique, so we craft customized strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Our personalized plans ensure that your website stands out in the digital landscape.

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In-Depth Industry Knowledge:

Our extensive experience across various industries allows us to apply unique insights and strategies to your SEO campaign. We keep abreast of the latest trends and algorithm updates, ensuring your SEO strategy is not only effective but also future-proof.

Wpgio Services: Beyond Rankings


Technical SEO Audits:

Our technical audits delve deep into your website to identify areas for improvement. From site speed optimization to mobile responsiveness, We ensure that your website is built on a solid foundation for SEO success.


Content Is King:

We believe in the power of content. We focus on creating high-quality, relevant, and engaging content that resonates with your audience and drives traffic. Our content strategies are designed to position your brand as an authority in your industry.


Link Building Mastery:

Our link-building strategies are all about quality over quantity. We focus on building a network of high-value, relevant backlinks that boost your site’s authority and drive organic traffic.

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To develop robust authority, companies must execute a link-building and outreach campaign (WHITEHAT SEO ONLY). These are long-term projects, so seeing results will take some time. The great material you’ve spent so much time creating needs solid backlinks.

Link building is the process of acquiring links from other websites. Links are an important ranking factor for SEO. Link building can be a time-consuming and difficult process. Fortunately, several tools and resources can help with link building.

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We can provide you with high-quality backlinks. This includes high PR Web 2.0 relevant links, Authority links, PDF links, EDU links, Wiki links, ShortURL connections, Forum connections, Directories, Profile connections, and more!

Success Stories: Transforming Online Presence


We have a 100% customer satisfaction rate.


Thank you for all these updates. This is very helpful. I really like seeing the Google Search Console Data and all the data for Link Building. This is great!

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Giovanni is a true professional when it comes to SEO marketing. I’ve been working with him for the past few months and his expert knowledge & passion for the field shows in his work. Giovanni is able to formulate a custom plan for his clients, explain in layman’s terms what he does and why he does it, and execute it with minimal supervision. Highly recommend!


I have used Wpgio It Solutions for my SEO needs for several years now. They are always going the extra mile, are great to work with, and have improved my SEO performance 10 fold.

Work With Mr.G: A Partnership for Growth

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Client-Centric Approach:

MRG’s approach is collaborative and transparent. We work closely with you to understand your business objectives, ensuring that the SEO strategy aligns perfectly with your goals.

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Continuous Support and Guidance:

SEO is an ongoing journey, and MRG is with you every step of the way. We provide regular updates, insights, and proactive strategies to keep your website at the top of search engine results.

Check here our Case Studies

Discover how COMFYKITCHEN overcame technical challenges to boost organic traffic with our SEO expertise. Explore our case study to learn how we addressed critical website issues and conducted strategic keyword research for improved online success.

Optimizaton / Ranking

Embark on the journey of FindingCampingGear’s website transformation! From resolving technical issues and strategic keyword optimization to enriching content and enhancing user experience, explore how our comprehensive approach has revitalized the site. Uncover the success story in our meta description, showcasing increased organic traffic and improved overall website performance.

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Discover the success story of Adventursm’s website transformation! From tackling technical issues and strategic keyword optimization to content enrichment and off-page SEO, explore how our efforts led to increased organic traffic and improved overall website performance. Witness the positive outcomes of our comprehensive approach in this compelling website status case study.

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Little Pet Corner’s website showcases a compelling case study on how they successfully optimized their online presence, resulting in increased visibility and customer engagement. Their strategic approach and dedication to pet lovers’ needs are evident in the captivating success story highlighted on their website.


Explore how we transformed a struggling website with low organic traffic by conducting a comprehensive SEO audit and resolving critical technical issues. Learn about our strategic approach to keyword research, content creation, and off-page SEO, resulting in improved rankings, increased traffic, and enhanced overall website authority. Discover the steps we took to make this website more user-friendly and attractive to both search engines and visitors.

Optimizaton / Ranking

Unlock the success story of our website transformation journey! Overcoming challenges of low organic traffic and unresolved technical issues, we conducted a thorough SEO audit, fixing critical website glitches. Dive into our strategic keyword research, content creation, and off-page SEO efforts, witnessing a significant boost in overall website authority and improved rankings. Explore how our interventions have successfully increased traffic and visibility for enhanced online performance.

Optimizaton / Ranking

Listed here are the Google Search Console results and Ahref status.


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Before Status Ahref Report:

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After Status Ahref Report:

Dashboard 1
Dashboard 17


Before Status Ahref Report:


After Status Ahref Report:

Dashboard 14
Dashboard 16


Before Status Ahref Report:


After Status Ahref Report:

Dashboard 15


Before Status Ahref Report:


After Status Ahref Report:

Dashboard 12
Dashboard 15


Before Status Ahref Report:


After Status Ahref Report:

Dashboard 14


Before Status Ahref Report:


After Status Ahref Report:

Dashboard 18
Dashboard Ahrefs (2)
Dashboard Ahrefs (3)
Dashboard Ahrefs (4)
Dashboard Ahrefs (5)
Dashboard Ahrefs (6)

Already optimized more than hundreds of Local SEO Businesses. Doing on-page and off-page optimization. Together with Google my Business optimization.

Helped them gain more traffic on their website and increase calls/customers.

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