Looking For Us? Yelp Facts for The Local Search Engine Results Page


If you’re looking for information on local businesses, then you may have come across Yelp. Yelp is a popular website and app that helps people find local businesses and services. It also provides user-generated reviews of businesses, which can be helpful in making decisions about where to go or what to buy.

Here are some facts about Yelp that you may not have known;

-Yelp has business listings for over 4 million businesses in the United States and Canada.

-User reviews on Yelp are mostly positive, with 71% of reviews being 4 stars or higher.

-Yelp is available in 28 countries and is translated into 12 languages.

If you’re looking for information on local businesses, then Yelp is a great resource. With millions of business listings and user-generated reviews, it can help you find the best places to eat, shop, and more.

 Positive customer evaluations, as one of the most popular review platforms, can benefit any small to medium-sized company. Yelp may not only help you attract more consumers but also optimise your website for local search engines. Negative evaluations, on the other hand, can result in a reduction in consumers and your search ranking.

Five facts about the popular customer review site;

Fact 1: Customer Service Reigns Supreme When it comes to Reviews

According to statistics, consumers who had a good customer service experience are more inclined to give a 5-star rating than those who experienced other things like operating hours, pricing, or accessibility. Users who complained about a company’s customer service received a poor rating of 1 to 2 stars.This implies that, as a company, you should give your consumers an exceptional customer service experience in order to enhance your chances of obtaining excellent evaluations.

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Fact 2: Yelp Prefers Small Business to Larger Ones

Yelp advantages small and medium-sized enterprises over big businesses and chains. The average person doesn’t go to Yelp to find out what others think about a large chain like Home Depot or Target since they already know.

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Fact 3: You Can Fight Against Bad Reviews

Do you feel like your website is being misused or treated unfairly on Yelp? If that’s the case, you may appeal bad reviews with consumers to obtain a better understanding of what they dislike about your company. Poor evaluations have the potential to severely harm your SEO score and visibility in local search engines, therefore it’s critical to resolve every complaint and negative.

Fact 4: Restaurants Aren’t as Big on Yelp as You Think

Restaurants are not, in fact, the most common category on Yelp. Shopping and retail businesses have taken the lead a few years ago.This implies you shouldn’t feel like a loser because your company isn’t in the food service sector. Customers may be giving reviews about your firm just as much as any other eating establishment.

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Fact 5: Yelp Recommends Not Bringing more Attention to a Review than What’s Needed

You can dispute a bad review, but it’s better not to draw more attention to the issue than is absolutely necessary.When you respond to false statements, it may be tempting to correct them or pursue a lawsuit for libel, but Yelp advises against doing so. Taking things a step further than is necessary might result in worse consequences than a bad local search results ranking.

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