StudyHippo – Duplicate content Checker Review


StudyHippo – Duplicate content Checker Review

Whether you are a writer, editor, or student, you need a reliable plagiarism checker. Now there are numerous plagiarism checkers to help these professionals. While some tools are really good, others are of average quality.

But why are plagiarism checkers so important? With the proliferation of websites, now there are a lot of resources online. Students and writing professionals use those resources regularly. If you publish someone else’s content on your website, the implications can be severe.

Search Engines such as Google are very strict about duplicate content. Whenever you indulge in plagiarism, you also risk your reputation. Students have to face penalties if they are caught indulging in this practice.

Using service is the best way to know whether it is a good service. You can check the tool for yourself by using this duplicate content checker. Chances are that you will not try other tools because this tool will meet your requirements. An amazing thing is that this tool is completely free.

How a duplicate content checker works

Once you paste your content on the assigned space, the text is compared to billions of WebPages in seconds. The system gives you a plagiarism alert if any part of the text matches something already existing on the web.

The report appears almost instantly, letting you know whether your text is unique or not. For example, you may receive a report stating that 96% of your text is unique. Then you can work on the plagiarized part and make the text 100% unique.

To ensure your safety and security, the system does not store your writing. As a result, no other system or person can view or use the text.

But it is also important to notice that all content checkers are not equally good. While some provide pretty good services, others are not always reliable. Then how can we choose a good content checker? Learn about the most popular content checkers so that you can make an informed decision.


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The developers of this anti-plagiarism checker have made the best use of the recent technological advancements. This highly intelligent and precise tool provides you with results by analyzing numerous documents in just a moment.

Even if you do not have any prior experience with any plagiarism checker, you can easily understand its easy and intuitive interface. Once you start using the tool, you will realize that the developers of this software have a deep and clear understanding of what you really need. The tool is the result of extensive research and hard work.

Once your text is checked by the tool, you will be provided with an exact percentage of the unique text. If there is similar content somewhere on the web, that part of the content will be highlighted in red. If it happens, you will have to revise the text to make sure that it meets the requirements.

The system identifies the sources and provides the links to the sources. That means the tool lets you know where the content comes from. If you wish to credit the author, it is an opportunity to do that.

Alternatively, you can make changes to the identified text to make sure that the content is 100% unique. A great thing about the StudyHippo content checker is that it does not keep any record of the content you check. Although the service is free, it does not compromise the quality.


Siteliner is basically an SEO tool, but it can also be used as a plagiarism checker. Like some other content checkers listed in this post, Siteliner is also a free tool. The navigation of this site is pretty user-friendly. If you need to scan a web page, just input its URL.

The duplicated parts of the content are highlighted so that you can work on them. The “Duplicate Content” section gives you the URLs of the reference pages. You need to follow the URLs, read the highlighted parts and work on the plagiarized content to make it unique.

Siteliner allows you to detect duplicate content pretty easily, and the results are pretty reliable.


Grammarly is one of the reliable duplicate content checkers out there. Many professional writers are now using Grammarly not only to check duplicate errors but also to detect grammatical errors. Grammarly is a reliable plagiarism tool, but it is only for premium subscribers.

This premium tool has some other advanced features that show you whether the text needs citations. In order to corroborate your claim, you can use the sources provided by Grammarly. The tool is simple and easy to use.


Semrush is usually known as an SEO tool, but it is also a good plagiarism detector. If you need to check the originality of your content, you can use Semrush. It also has a site audit tool that allows you to run a site audit easily.

It has an “Error” tab that lets you know if there are issues with the content. And if your content is 100% unique and there is no issue, Semrush identifies the content as safe. By pointing you in the right direction, the tool makes it easy for you to revise your content. is also a free plagiarism checker, and it is pretty easy to use. To check the uniqueness of your content, you can paste either the URL or the entire text in the assigned space.

Yes, there are many better plagiarism checkers. But for a free service, is not a bad tool at all.


Quetext is a free tool, but it has a paid option too. It is another plagiarism checker that provides reliable results as to whether your content is unique or not. To find whether your content has duplicates, the system scans not only websites but also books and academic papers.

You can easily find the sources you should give credit to because the tool sites relevant sources. You can use free service, but most people prefer the paid option as it offers some more features.

The verdict

If you use all the tools mentioned above, you will find that all of them work in more or less the same way, and none of them is hard to use. But it is very important to know whether the results are reliable. If you use all the tools mentioned above and compare the results, you will undoubtedly find that StudyHippo is far better than other tools.

Whenever you need to check your content for originality, StudyHippo is a handy tool to use. If there is any similar content on the web, the tool will let you know that immediately.

Another good thing about this tool is that you do not need to be registered. To use it, you just need to have access to an internet connection. It meets your expectations because you can trust the results provided by this tool. You can trust the results provided by StudyHippo and feel peace of mind, knowing that search engines will not make you face penalties.

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