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Evaluation Feedback Customer Smiley Response Difference Between Free and Paid! Honest Reviews is a popular tool for detecting plagiarism in various texts. This piece supplies an in-depth examination of its free and paid versions, underlining the importance of using such tools in academic and professional settings.

What is is an online tool designed to identify and report instances of plagiarism in written content. It compares texts against a vast database to ensure originality.

Free Version of

The free version offers primary plagiarism-checking services. However, it has limitations in terms of the number of words it can process and the depth of the plagiarism check.

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Paid Version of

The paid version provides:

  • A more comprehensive plagiarism check.
  • A more significant word limit.
  • Additional features like detailed reports and 24/7 support.

Comparative Analysis

This section compares the features of both versions, highlighting the differences in user experience and effectiveness.

Honest Reviews

User testimonials and expert opinions shed light on the real-world performance and reliability of both versions of

Pros and Cons

An unbiased look at the advantages and disadvantages of the free and paid versions helps readers make an informed choice.

Who Should Use the Paid Version?

This part discusses the ideal audience for the paid version, including specific scenarios where it is beneficial.

How do you use the plagiarism checker of

To use the plagiarism checker on, follow these steps:

Access the Website

Open your tangle browser and head to the website. You can access the website by typing “” into your browser’s address bar and hitting “Enter.”

Create an Account (Optional)

Some plagiarism checkers require you to create an account, while others may allow you to use the tool without registration. Check if registration is necessary, and if so, sign up for an account.

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Access the Plagiarism Checker Tool

Once you’re on the website, locate and access the plagiarism checker tool. This may be prominently displayed on the homepage or within a menu.

Upload or Enter Your Content

 You can upload a document or paste your textbook straight into the provided text box. Pursue the on-screen instructions for your selected method.

Set Preferences (Optional)

Some plagiarism checkers allow you to set preferences or specify the type of check you want. You can select options such as checking against a database, excluding citations, or choosing the sensitivity level of the scan.

Initiate the Plagiarism Check

Click the “Check” or “Scan” button to start the plagiarism check. The instrument will investigate your content and approximate it to a database of living texts to pinpoint similarities.

Review the Results

Once the assessment is concluded, the tool will deliver you a report detailing any potential instances of plagiarism. You’ll generally see a ratio of similarity and emphasized provinces that may require further review.

Address Plagiarism Concerns

If the tool identifies potential plagiarism, review the underlined sections and make any vital adjustments. Ensure that appropriate quotations and references are included for any borrowed or quoted content.

Generate a Report (Optional)

Some plagiarism checkers offer the option to generate a report of the scan results. If needed, create a report for your records or to share with others.

Save or Download Your Work

 After addressing any plagiarism concerns and making corrections, save or download your work. Ensure that it complies with ethical and academic standards regarding plagiarism.

Log Out (if applicable)

 If you created an account and are finished with the tool, log out of your account to secure your information.

What are the differences between the free and paid version of the plagiarism checker?

The differences between the free and paid versions of a plagiarism checker can vary depending on the specific tool or service you’re using. However, here are some common distinctions you might encounter:

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Usage Limits

Free Version

Free versions often have limitations on the number of words or documents you can check in a given time frame. This can be restrictive for users with extensive or frequent checking needs.

Paid Version

 Paid versions typically offer more generous usage limits or may have no limits at all, allowing users to check more significant documents or conduct multiple checks without restrictions.

Access to Advanced Features

Free Version

 Free versions usually provide basic plagiarism detection functionality, which includes comparing your content against publicly available sources. They may need advanced features such as checking against an extensive database, checking against proprietary academic databases, or real-time checking.

Paid Version

Paid versions often offer access to advanced features that enhance the accuracy and comprehensiveness of plagiarism checks. This may include checking against a broader range of sources, checking against proprietary databases, and identifying paraphrased content.

Speed and Priority Support

Free Version

Free users may experience longer processing times, as priority is often given to paid subscribers. Customer support for free users may also be limited or slower.

Paid Version

Paid users typically enjoy faster processing times and may retain tickets to priority consumer support, ensuring quicker assistance if issues arise.

Detailed Reports

Free Version

Free versions may provide basic similarity reports, highlighting sections with potential plagiarism. However, they may offer less detail or customization options.

Paid Version

Paid versions often provide more comprehensive and customizable reports. Users can typically view detailed information about sources, percentages of similarity, and more.

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File Types and Formats

Free Version

Some free versions may have limitations on the types of files or formats they can process. They may only support plain text or specific document formats.

Paid Version

 Paid versions often support a more comprehensive range of file types and formats, making it more convenient for users with diverse document types.

Integration and API Access

Free Version

 Free versions may not offer integration options with other software or platforms. API access for custom integration is usually reserved for paid users.

Paid Version

Paid versions may provide APIs and integrations with knowledge administration strategies, content managing systems, and other tools, making it easier to incorporate plagiarism checking into existing workflows.


How accurate is in detecting plagiarism? is known for its high accuracy in detecting plagiarism, utilizing advanced algorithms to scan and compare texts against a vast database of sources.

Can I use the accessible version of for academic papers?

Yes, the free version can be used for academic papers, but it has limitations in terms of word count and depth of analysis. For more comprehensive checks, the paid version is 

Is the paid version of worth the investment?

For users requiring detailed plagiarism reports, frequent use, and a higher word limit, the paid version is definitely worth the investment, offering advanced features and better support.

Does store or share the content I check for plagiarism? adheres to strict privacy policies. It does not store or share the content you submit for plagiarism checks without your consent.

How does compare to other plagiarism detection tools? is competitive in terms of accuracy, user interface, and features offered. It stands out mainly for its user-friendly experience and reliable customer support in the paid version.

Conclusion offers distinct experiences in its free and paid versions, each catering to different user needs. The free version is suitable for casual or occasional use where basic plagiarism checks are needed. In contrast, the paid version is a valuable investment for professionals and students who require comprehensive plagiarism detection capabilities. With advanced features, higher word limits, and detailed reports, the paid version stands out as a more robust tool. 

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