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bigtoken review

BigToken Review: Legit? Or Scam? Earn $5 Fast!

BigToken is a website where you will sell your data by answering surveys and inviting your friends to join give you points that can be converted into cash. You can only Withdraw 25% of your total balance.

Hi Guys, So today lets talk about BigToken Review. In which I will show you if this is legit or scam. And of course, if this website is worth your effort or not.

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Where did I find this website?

My wife always loves to play games and join lot’s of extra income so I need to check it and see if this is really working or not.

Check out my screenshot below on the points I have earned and how much it’s cost.

Bigtoken Review - Points

So the image is showing 2564 points which are having $25. But this $25 will not be withdrawn directly since they only let you withdraw 25% of your total balance.

I have joined a week ago and the website is really good and fast.

You can earn fast points from surveys. Using your phone and your Desktop or Laptop.

Before Anything Else ( REGISTER HERE ) or

Here: or

Use this code: LP7S0SSL0

What is Big Token?

According to my Research:

SRAX Launches BIGtoken, the Platform for Consumers to Own, Verify and Sell Their Data

BIGToken is a website that pays you cash for selling your data or answering reviews. When you are answering reviews then you will have points that will be converted into Cash.

Of course, if you are lazy like me, then you will earn cheap money here, but if you are hardworking. Then this Extra income will become your BIG Income.

Download Bigtoken


You can download Bigtoken here.

BIGtoken is the first consumer-powered data marketplace where people can own, verify and sell their data. Brought to you by SRAX, a Nasdaq-listed company with years of experience in digital marketing, the BIG app improves the online experience for all interested parties by providing choice, transparency, and compensation.

BigToken Register

Big Token Register

This is a very simple way to sign up. If you don’t have account then click Register Now!

Just follow the very simple way of Registering your account in BigToken. Check your email afterward if they sent you a confirmation link. So that you will be verified

How Does It Work?

You might think the answer to this question is some long paragraph but the reality is, it is as simple as anyone can do it.

Answer the Surveys!

Answer them correctly, Provide relevant data to the system and they will give you points. The points will become your biggest asset to redeem it with cash.

If you still have curiosity go to their “How it Works” page. And you’ll see an in-depth explanation of how to answer surveys and more hehe.

Bigtoken Review

Bigtoken Referral Bonus?

Seriously, I don’t see any bonus in the referral. Based on what I see on the homepage. But when I ask my wife about it, she told me I will receive 12 points and the user will receive is unknown.

The information is not clear at this time. Or I should crawl all the website links just to find the QandA about the referral. LOL.

Bigtoken Review

What to do to earn points?

Now earning from surveys is really important since a lot of people are doing testing on their website and other services they offer.

When you are going to answer surveys in Bigtoken be sure to answer it correctly so that you can help others determine which is the best for their business.

The surveys are really simple to check this image:

Bigtoken Surveys

So you can answer this survey and they will give you 3.35 Bigtoken Points. They have a lot of surveys but have limits.

Is Bigtoken Worth Your Time?

I am so Lazy that this site encourages me to be lazier.

Not even addicted to the site to visit the dashboard every single day. Heck, I visited the site 2 times a week just for fun.

The site is not dependent on the referral system that they have. I’m not even begging for a referral bonus because you will earn more points by just answering surveys in just minutes.

Normally no one will read these paragraphs so I will just bold these words “This is worth your time“. bahaha.

BigToken Review: Legit? Or Scam? Earn $5 Fast! 1

BigToken Review Payment Proof

And welcome to the payment proof where you will cringe a little bit to see how much you will get in doing extra income online.

Bigtoken Review

Ha!!!! The payment went through for about 7 days of waiting.

For me, this is the not so cheap paying sites that I met. Compared to Type N Cash and Cashy.

For now, let’s do an experiment if you will use the referral link above or this link

Comment Bellow how many points you receive. I’m just curious how many points you will receive and mine too.

Redeem Your Points in the Philippines?

Before it is not available in our area. But they updated their website and now it is available you just need to have 6000 points to withdraw.

BigToken Review: Legit? Or Scam? Earn $5 Fast! 2

As you can see, I only got 2 days left to withdraw my points. But I need 6000 points to do it.

I turned on the Location which is in the Philippines.

So all you need is 30 days after you signed up then a minimum of 6000 points which you can get it in less than 30 days.


This BigToken Review Is paying BigTime as cheap as $5 and legit.

And yeah we can use it whether you are in the Philippines. Well if you are from the Philippines just like me, you need 6000 points to withdraw.

Remember the company will hold 75% of your total income. And you can only withdraw 25% to your Paypal Account.

Another Remember Comment Below how many points you receive if you used my referral link. In that way, we can help the other users who visit this site if it is useful to use the links.

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    Thanks for the new review G, I am using my phone.

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    December 24, 2019 at 3:23 pm

    hi sir i want to asking if this is a legit o scam fake ?
    and also want to asking if this website still alive legit or scam thank you so much sir

  • tip
    January 28, 2020 at 4:44 pm

    its a scam lifelock revealed such to me when i got the call that they stole my info

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    April 12, 2020 at 7:36 pm

    Hello. It has been months since your comment. May I ask how was it?

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