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This is Type N Cash Review for 2019 in how to earn money online. I have to say this, This is an extra income which you can earn money online. Which is really cheap.

I don’t guarantee you to earn and get rich overnight. LOL. I have tested the way on how you will get money in this site.

Earn Cheap Money but working.

I love this! Because I am a fast typer and can type 25 words in just a minute. I am not really sure if it’s 25, probably 35? So, having this skill and this site? During vacant hours, I will play this.

Before Anything ELSE

Registration Link Here: https://typencash.com/join/40773615bb

Remember if you use the link above, you need to play and type the words first to receive 500 points.

How to claim my referral bonus?

According to the site:

Referral points automatically claim if your referred person will play once and both of you will get points to your respective account.

Type N Cash – How to Earn?

This is probably the 2nd in my list of very easy ways to earn money which is cheap by the way. HAHAHA! (Sorry I am not discriminating).

For me, money is not a big deal when I play this game. And yeah, I considered it as a game only. Which can make my fingers even faster when it comes to typing.

So let’s get into the main idea on how to earn?

type n cash

So for 2 minutes, you will see words and you will just type them in the box. This is really self-explanatory, which is your points will be converted into cash. Refer to my video above.

When Can You Withdraw?

According to Type N Cash:

If you earned more than 20,000 points that will be equivalent of $2.00+, you are now eligible to withdraw. We have lots of withdrawal method you can use such as E-load, Gcash, Razer Gold, Palawan and Steam wallet.

So the Minimum amount is withdrawn on GCash, E-Load and Razer Gold (for Mobile Legends, PUBG, Rules of survival and many more…): $2 = ₱100. Yeah, I will talk to support so they will have another option which will be paid via PayPal. So another Minimum amount is withdrawn on Palawan and Steam wallet: $5 = ₱250.00

Still, have more questions? Check their FAQs

Type N Cash Review 2023 | Earn Cheap Money Online 1

Do Type N Cash Have Referral Points?

According to Type N cash:

The first five referrals will have 500 points and then the rest will have percentage commission based on the earnings of your referred user.

Ok so, at first if you have 5 referrals they each of them will be equivalent into 500 points. I guess. Not yet sure if each referred user will be 500 points each or it will just be divided into 5 which is 100 points to each referred user.

Let’s find out!

So this is my referral code: 40773615bb

This is my Referral Link: https://typencash.com/join/40773615bb

So I need your help, Which is 5 users to use my code. If you will use it and I will have 5 referred users. I will then update this topic on how it goes.

Update Complete for Referred User

Type N Cash Review 2023 | Earn Cheap Money Online 2

So I have tested my referral code and send the access to my wife. So she can play too and earn extra money.

So each referred user is worth 500 points.


Funny, this is my first time to found this site. And yes, I don’t have payment proof for now.

But I promise you. I am a man of my words.

I will work my ass off, playing this site. When I will reach 20000 points and they will not send me payment. Then! This will be marked As SCam.

But Other than that. If they will, and I am guessing they will. Then this will be Legit.

I will promise you guys, Give me 1 week and comment down below if you are waiting. Together with your email. And I will personally send you an email after 1 week. If they pay or not.

NOT YET PROVEN: Still Gathering Data


Wait, wait, wait. This is still in progress. After 1 week it will be updated.

So comment your email and I will send you an update after 1 week.

The website is showing proof of payment here check their image:

Type N Cash Review 2023 | Earn Cheap Money Online 3



HAHAHA! Pssst!

Yes you! I have said above that I will update this after 1 week. But seriously I can’t do it. This is a waste of time for a single peny haha.

Here check out my proof.

Type N Cash Review 2023 | Earn Cheap Money Online 4

That simply tells us that

$1 = 10,000pts
so 10,000points / 1440points(per 24hours average) = 6.9 days

For now I will rate this 1 star! hahaha

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  1. Ryan says:

    I’m currently doing this typing game and I was curious in checking out the dashboard and I happened to check the proof of income tab. I saw the very same information with your blog, same date and same amount to be withdrawn. I was just wondering it’s November of 2019 now and it’s still the same. No one has ever withdrawn the $2.0 until now. Thanks for your update about this.

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