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DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 1

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay – From The Fifth Element

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“DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay – From The Fifth Element”

The Fifth Element is not just a classic science fiction film; it’s a source of inspiration for many cosplayers around the world. One character that stands out in terms of visual impact and popularity is Leeloo, played by Milla Jovovich. Her iconic orange suspender costume is recognized and admired by fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. This guide aims to help you recreate this distinctive outfit with a focus on DIY processes, ensuring that even beginners can follow along and create something special for their next cosplay event.

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay


Design and Preparation

Understanding the Iconic Costume

Leeloo’s costume, particularly her bright orange suspenders, is minimalistic yet striking. It consists of a white bandage-like top paired with these vividly colored suspenders, creating a contrast that captures immediate attention. Key visual elements include the geometric nature of the suspenders, which perfectly outline the character’s physique.

Materials Needed

To start, you’ll need stretchable fabric in a bright orange shade to mimic the original look. Suitable fabrics include spandex or a spandex blend, which will provide both color fidelity and the necessary elasticity. Additionally, consider purchasing velcro and plastic buckles to secure the suspenders in place accurately.

Tools Required

Securing essential tools is paramount to embarking on sewing projects effectively. A sewing machine is a cornerstone, although hand sewing remains a viable alternative for those without access to one. Supplementing these tools with fabric scissors, measuring tape, and a fabric marker ensures precision in cutting patterns and crafting garments with finesse.

Step-by-Step Guide to Making the Suspenders

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 2


Measurements and Fittings

To create suspenders that emulate the sleek, tailored appearance depicted in the film, start by meticulously measuring the torso length, shoulder width, and waist size. These measurements serve as the foundation for crafting suspenders that fit snugly and accentuate the wearer’s physique, mirroring the desired aesthetic. By adhering closely to these measurements, the suspenders will achieve the desired tight, form-fitting look reminiscent of those seen onscreen.

Cutting the Fabric

Before cutting into the fabric, it’s prudent to draft a paper template tailored to your measurements. This preliminary step not only minimizes material wastage but also provides the flexibility to make alterations without risking damage to the fabric. By taking the time to create a precise template, you ensure a smoother and more efficient sewing process, yielding a finished product that matches your vision with minimal resource expenditure.

Sewing Process

Sewing suspenders can range from straightforward to intricate, contingent upon your proficiency. Begin by stitching the primary straps of the suspenders, then affix the buckles and any Velcro components for customization. Novices may find online guides tailored to sewing spandex particularly beneficial for guidance.

Assembling the Outfit

Once the suspenders are prepared, slip them on along with the white top, taking a moment to assess the fit and make any required tweaks. The harmony between these elements is pivotal in attaining an appearance that feels genuine and cohesive, ensuring that every detail contributes to the overall aesthetic.

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 3


Creating a DIY Leeloo costume from The Fifth Element is a fun way to engage with one of the most iconic sci-fi characters. Begin with the most recognizable part: the orange suspenders. These can be made from a thick, orange elastic material that you can buy from any craft store. Measure the elastic to fit around your torso and legs, ensuring it fits snugly yet comfortably. Attach the pieces using strong fabric glue or sew them together for extra durability. This outfit is simple but effective, and it captures Leeloo’s unique style perfectly.

White Cropped Shirt

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 4


The white cropped shirt for a Leeloo cosplay should be form-fitting to match the character’s look in the movie. You can either modify an existing white tank top by cutting it to the desired length or sew one from scratch using stretchy white fabric for the best fit. Pair this with a scoop neck or a high collar, depending on which version of Leeloo’s outfit you prefer. This piece is easy to make and versatile enough to be used in other costumes.

Gold Leggings

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 5


For Leeloo’s leggings, opt for a metallic gold fabric that can stretch to fit tightly and comfortably. You can purchase gold stretch leggings or make your own by sewing metallic fabric using a leggings pattern that matches your measurements. Ensure the fabric is not only shiny but also thick enough not to be see-through, maintaining the aesthetic without sacrificing modesty.

Leeloo Orange Wig

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 6


An essential part of the Leeloo cosplay is her vibrant orange wig. Choose a high-quality synthetic wig that can be styled with heat tools if necessary. Look for a wig with long, straight hair that you can cut to mirror Leeloo’s bob cut. If the exact shade is hard to find, you can also use wig spray paint to achieve that fiery orange color.

Leeloo Dallas Boots

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 7


Leeloo’s boots are chunky and white with a futuristic touch. Start with a base of plain white boots; combat or platform boots work well. You can customize them using white spray paint to enhance their futuristic look. Add details like black stripes or metallic accents using craft paint or adhesive materials to emulate the style seen in the film.


DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 8


The MultiPass is Leeloo’s identification card in The Fifth Element and is an iconic prop for the costume. Create your own MultiPass using a small rectangular piece of cardboard. Print a futuristic design on paper, affix your photo, and laminate the ensemble for a durable finish. Please attach it to a lanyard to wear around your neck.

Orange Duct Tape

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 9


Orange duct tape is a versatile and essential item for DIY Leeloo suspenders. Use it to bind pieces of the costume, reinforce connections, or even create patterns on other elements like the boots or the shirt. It’s a quick fix for adjustments and adds a bright splash of color consistent with Leeloo’s theme.

Styling and Accessories

Completing the Look with Hair and Makeup

Leeloo’s vibrant orange locks are an instantly recognizable aspect of her distinctive style, complementing her iconic ensemble. Achieving her signature look can involve options like wearing a wig or experimenting with temporary hair dye for a faithful portrayal. When it comes to makeup, emphasizing bold yet uncomplicated touches can accentuate one’s natural features, mirroring Leeloo’s striking appearance with authenticity.

Additional Accessories

Leeloo’s iconic costume from “The Fifth Element” is characterized by its minimalistic design. Yet, attention to detail is critical in capturing its authenticity, whether it’s replicating her multipass or finding the perfect pair of boots. Whether opting for a do-it-yourself approach or browsing online for costume accessories, adding essential elements like suspenders can elevate the ensemble to resemble the beloved character’s look from the film.

Wearing and Caring for Your Costume

Best Practices for Wearing

Selecting seamless undergarments is imperative when donning a revealing, form-fitting costume to maintain modesty and comfort. Additionally, customizing the costume for individual body types and preferences ensures optimal mobility and confidence while wearing it. Taking these measures guarantees a seamless and comfortable experience, allowing one to fully embody one’s character without distraction.

Maintenance and Storage

Taking care of spandex is a breeze with simple steps. Start by washing the costume in cold water to maintain its elasticity and vibrant color. After washing, hang it to dry to preserve its shape and avoid any unwanted shrinking or stretching. Proper storage is key; either fold it carefully or hang it in a garment bag to keep it looking fresh and free from creases or damage.

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 10


Showcasing Your Cosplay

Photography Tips

To showcase your Leeloo cosplay authentically, incorporate dynamic poses reminiscent of her iconic scenes from the movie. Utilize natural lighting to enhance the vibrant orange hues of the suspenders, mirroring the film’s aesthetic and adding depth to your portrayal. Embrace the sunlight to imbue your skin with a natural glow, evoking Leeloo’s ethereal presence on screen.

Attending Cosplay Events

When donning this cosplay for events, prioritize comfort and practicality to ensure an enjoyable experience. Expect a flood of attention as the vibrant and distinctive costume is bound to make you a center of attraction. Embrace the limelight with confidence and prepare for memorable interactions and photo opportunities throughout the event.

Advanced Customization and Modifications

Upgrades for Repeat Cosplayers

When contemplating wearing your costume repeatedly, it’s prudent to reinforce its seams and straps with extra stitching or layers of fabric. This can fortify its durability and ensure it remains functional on numerous occasions. This simple precaution helps maintain the integrity of your costume for extended use without compromising its quality.

Creative Variations

When crafting your cosplay, embrace creativity by incorporating personal touches and adapting the costume to match various themes or occasions without fear. Experimenting with alternative color palettes or integrating elements from different sci-fi characters can result in an innovative hybrid cosplay that stands out from the crowd. Embrace the opportunity to infuse your style into the costume, making it a true reflection of your passion and imagination.

DIY Leeloo Orange Suspenders Cosplay - From The Fifth Element 11


Community and Sharing

Joining Online Communities

Online forums and social media groups dedicated to cosplay are great resources for sharing your creations, getting feedback, and meeting like-minded enthusiasts. Platforms like Reddit, Instagram, and specialized cosplay websites are filled with communities that can offer support and inspiration.

Getting Feedback and Improving

In the realm of creative endeavors, constructive criticism serves as a beacon for growth and refinement. Embracing feedback from fellow cosplayers offers invaluable insights into refining your costume and enhancing its authenticity and appeal. Through collaborative engagement and a willingness to adapt, cosplayers can elevate their craft to new heights, creating truly immersive and captivating experiences for themselves and their audience.


What type of fabric is best for Leeloo’s orange suspenders?

Stretchable fabrics like spandex or a spandex blend are ideal for Leeloo’s orange suspenders because they offer both the vibrant color and necessary elasticity to mimic the costume’s iconic look.

Can I create Leeloo’s costume if I don’t have a sewing machine?

Yes, you can create Leeloo’s costume without a sewing machine by hand-sewing the fabric. It may take longer and require more effort, but it’s definitely possible with patience and careful stitching.

How can I ensure my suspenders fit properly?

Take precise measurements of your torso, waist, and shoulders, and create a paper template before cutting the fabric. This will help you achieve a snug, accurate fit that mimics the movie costume.

What accessories are essential to complete the Leeloo cosplay look?

Essential accessories include a bright orange wig or hair dye, a white crop top, and combat boots. Adding Leeloo’s multipass as a prop can also enhance the authenticity of the cosplay.

How should I care for my costume after wearing it?

Wash the suspenders in cold water and hang them to dry to prevent damage. Store them either folded in a drawer or hung in a garment bag to keep them in good condition.

Where can I find patterns or templates for Leeloo’s suspenders?

Patterns or templates for Leeloo’s suspenders can sometimes be found online through cosplay forums, social media groups, or websites that specialize in DIY costume resources.


This guide has walked you through every step needed to create your own Leeloo suspender costume from “The Fifth Element.” From material selection to the final touches, you now have all the information required to make a stunning, authentic cosplay. Whether you’re a seasoned cosplayer or a newcomer, this project is a fantastic way to express your creativity and show off your skills. Remember to share your results and continue exploring the vast, exciting world of cosplay.

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