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DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 1

DIY Max Mayfield Costume – Stranger Things Costume Tutorial

“DIY Max Mayfield Costume – Stranger Things Costume Tutorial”

Creating a DIY Max Mayfield costume from Stranger Things is a fantastic way to channel your love for the show and its iconic characters. Whether it’s for Halloween, a cosplay event, or just for fun, dressing up as Max can be a thrilling experience. This guide will walk you through every step needed to create an authentic and budget-friendly Max Mayfield costume.

Max Mayfield Costume Overview

Who is Max Mayfield?

Sadie Sink’s portrayal of Max Mayfield in the popular series “Stranger Things” has endeared her to fans worldwide. Since her introduction in the second season, Max’s tomboyish demeanor, fierce attitude, and remarkable skateboarding prowess have made her an integral part of the group. Her distinctive fashion choices have also made her a standout option for those seeking a character costume. Max’s character adds depth and excitement to the Stranger Things universe, earning her a special place in the hearts of viewers everywhere.

Key Elements of Max Mayfield’s Outfit

Max’s iconic outfit from “Life is Strange” features her trademark red jacket, striped shirt, jeans, and signature accessories. These elements define her style and are crucial for capturing her essence in cosplay or fan art. Attention to these details ensures authenticity and brings Max’s character to life. Whether attending a convention or simply embracing fandom, embodying Max’s look is a tribute to her role in the game’s narrative.

The Clothes for Max Mayfield Costume (Season 4)

DIY Max Mayfield Costume


Max Mayfield’s costume from Season 4 of “Stranger Things” is iconic and replicable for fans wanting to channel her style. For the full ensemble:

  • Hoodie: Choose a light blue, oversized zip-up hoodie. The hoodie should be worn slightly distressed to mimic her worn-out look from intense scenes.
  • Shirt: Max often wears a simple, retro-styled graphic tee underneath. Opt for vintage or vintage-style band t-shirts.
  • Jeans: Her jeans are classic, high-waisted, and slightly baggy. To maintain authenticity, look for a washed-out blue color.
  • Shoes: Classic Vans or similar skate shoes complete her look. Choose black or dark blue for the best match.
  • Hair: Max’s red hair is another crucial aspect of the costume, often styled in a messy, wavy look. If you need to replicate her hair accurately, opt for a mid-length wig.

Max’s Hoodie in the Vecna Scene

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 2


During the intense Vecna scene, Max wears a distinctive light blue hoodie. This hoodie becomes a symbol of her character’s resilience and struggle. To find a similar hoodie:

  • Look for a zip-up style that is oversized.
  • The color should be a faded light blue, almost giving off a vintage feel.
  • It should look worn out, with possible distressing or fading to reflect the hardships Max faces.

Max’s Shirt

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 3


Underneath her iconic hoodie, Max sports a retro, possibly band-themed, t-shirt. To replicate:

  • Select a t-shirt with a vintage band logo or an 80s pop culture graphic.
  • The shirt should fit loosely and be slightly faded to enhance the vintage aesthetic.

Jeans for Max Mayfield Costume

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 4


Max’s choice of jeans reflects her practical and tough character. For her look:

  • Choose high-waisted jeans in a light blue, washed-out style.
  • The jeans should be slightly baggy, not skinny—comfort is key.
  • Opt for a frayed hem or minor distressing to reflect wear.

Shoes that Max Wears in Stranger Things Season 4

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 5


Max’s footwear is simple yet functional, reflecting her active lifestyle. She typically wears:

  • Black or very dark blue Vans sneakers.
  • The shoes are low-top and perfect for any physical activity, echoing her adventurous spirit.

Getting Max’s Red Hair Right for Your Costume (With a Wig!)

Achieving Max’s fiery red hair is essential for a complete transformation:

  • Choose a wig that matches her hair color—a vibrant copper or natural red.
  • The wig should be mid-length and styled with wavy, casual looks, mimicking her hairstyle throughout the season.
  • Ensure the wig is adjustable to fit comfortably and appear natural.

The Accessories for Max Mayfield (Season 4) Costume

Max’s look in Season 4 can be enhanced with the following accessories:

  • Backpack: A simple, functional backpack. Opt for darker colors like navy or black.
  • Walkman and headphones: Essential for recreating Max’s introspective moments.
  • Skateboard: Carrying a skateboard can be a perfect addition to the costume as a nod to her skateboarding skills.

The Clothes for Max Mayfield Costume (Season 3)

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 6


For Season 3, Max’s style shifts slightly, reflecting her growing confidence and new dynamics in the group:

  • Shirt: She often wears vibrant, patterned shirts. Look for bold prints or stripes.
  • Shorts: Her shorts are typically high-waisted denim, perfect for summer days in Hawkins.
  • Shoes: Continuing with comfortable footwear, Max opts for practical sneakers, suitable for all her adventures.

Max’s Shirt in Season 3 of Stranger Things

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 7


In Season 3, Max’s shirts are more colorful and vibrant, reflecting her bolder personality:

  • Choose shirts with bold patterns, stripes, or bright colors.
  • The fit should be comfortable and slightly loose, ideal for summer weather.

Max Mayfield’s Shorts

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 8

Credit: sadie sink

Max’s choice of shorts in Season 3 is quintessentially 80s:

  • Opt for high-waisted denim shorts.
  • They should be a little loose, not too tight, with a cuffed hem for added style.

Max’s Shoes in Stranger Things Season 3

In this season, Max’s shoes are functional yet stylish:

  • She wears classic Converse or similar canvas sneakers.
  • Opt for a neutral color like white or black to match various outfits.

The Accessories for Max Mayfield (Season 3) Costume

Season 3’s accessories include:

  • Sunglasses: Red, retro-style sunglasses are a must.
  • Belt: A braided belt adds a subtle yet stylish touch to her shorts.
  • Socks: Don’t forget the checkered socks, which peek out above her sneakers and add a playful element to her outfit.

Max’s Red Sunglasses

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 9


These sunglasses are an essential accessory for any sunny day in Hawkins:

  • Look for oversized, vibrant red sunglasses in a classic 80s style.
  • The sunglasses should be bold and make a statement.

Max’s Braided Belt

This subtle accessory is often overlooked but adds authenticity to her costume:

  • Choose a thin, leather-braided belt.
  • It should be in a natural leather color, versatile enough to pair with both jeans and shorts.

Checkered Socks that Max Wears in Season 3

A fun and quirky addition to Max’s outfit:

  • Opt for black and white checkered socks.
  • They should be visible above her sneakers, adding a playful twist to her casual look.

DIY Tips

Thrift Shopping

Creating a Max Mayfield costume on a budget is easy with items from thrift stores. Not only does this approach save money, but it also embraces the do-it-yourself ethos. Scout for pieces that resemble Max’s attire and don’t hesitate to tailor them for an authentic look. With a little creativity, you’ll embody Max’s style effortlessly.

DIY or Buy?

When choosing between DIYing or purchasing costume pieces for your outfit, consider both your budget and available time. Certain items, such as the Walkman and headphones, may be more convenient to buy, saving you effort and potentially cost. However, crafting elements like the iconic striped shirt could offer a fun and personalized touch to your costume, showcasing your creativity. Ultimately, the decision rests on finding the balance between convenience and the satisfaction of crafting your own unique pieces.

DIY Max Mayfield Costume - Stranger Things Costume Tutorial 10


Costume Assembly

Putting it All Together

To begin crafting the authentic Max Mayfield costume, start by layering the striped shirt under the red jacket, capturing her distinctive style. Next, add the jeans and Vans sneakers to form the foundational elements of the outfit, mirroring Max’s casual yet cool vibe. Enhance the ensemble with accessories like the skateboard and Walkman, essential items that contribute to the overall nostalgia of the look. Finally, pay attention to detail by styling your hair to match Max’s signature appearance, ensuring every component harmonizes for a true representation of the character.

Finishing Touches

Attitude and Poses

To fully embody Max Mayfield’s essence, immerse yourself in her confident and no-nonsense demeanor. Pay close attention to her iconic poses and expressions, ensuring your portrayal is authentic and true to her character. Remember, embodying Max goes beyond mere wardrobe choices; it’s about channeling her spirit and allowing her fierce attitude to shine through every aspect of your performance. Let her boldness and determination resonate in every gesture and expression, bringing her character to life in a way that captivates and inspires.

FAQs: DIY Max Mayfield Costume

What type of red jacket should I look for?

A lightweight, slightly oversized red windbreaker or zip-up jacket will work best to replicate Max’s look.

Where can I find a Walkman for my costume?

Check thrift stores, online marketplaces, or vintage shops for a vintage-style Walkman or similar portable cassette player.

Do I need to have red hair to pull off this costume?

While red hair is a significant part of Max’s look, a wig can be a great alternative if you don’t have red hair.

Can I use any skateboard for the costume?

Yes, any skateboard will do. If possible, choose one that looks similar to the one Max uses in the show.

Is it necessary to wear Vans sneakers?

Vans sneakers add authenticity, but any similar-looking skate shoes will work if you don’t have Vans.

How can I achieve Max’s wavy hair?

Use a curling iron or hot rollers and some texturizing spray to create waves that match Max’s hairstyle.


Embarking on a DIY Max Mayfield costume journey is not just about mimicking a character; it’s a chance to delve into your adoration for Stranger Things. Every stitch and accessory becomes a canvas for your creativity, allowing you to infuse Max’s spirit into every detail. Through careful attention to nuances and your unique flair, you breathe life into Max’s persona, making the costume an expression of your passion. Embrace the adventure and relish in becoming the bold and indomitable Max Mayfield.

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