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Interesting Mall

Interesting Mall Game Review – Legit or Scam? 2024

” Interesting Mall Game Review “

What is going on guys? Today we are going to review another site where you can withdraw money going to your Gcash account. But without further adue this game is called Interesting Mall.

In the Philippines Gambling is the most famous here. And most of the Filipinos loves Gambling. If you have a small amount of money you will wish that it will double the amount by just betting on a specific game. Gambling is not good and we should find a different source of income. But for me I have extra cash so why not right?

While I was checking out the internet and I found out some of the youtubers are having big amount of winning on this Interesting Mall Game. So I tried it.

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Interesting Mall Game Review

What is Interesting Mall?

Interesting Mall for me is a Gambling website where you will guess if it is Odd or Even. You can earn by buying 5 pesos of product then guessing the outcome of the purchase. If you use the link above well thank you very much. Because When I sign up in the website they gave me 30 pesos of balance well if that is USD that will be 0.56 United States Dollar during this day.

This bonus money you can use for free for playing or betting on the site products. If you win playing then you will get doubled money and if you lose then you will get points. This points can also be converted into money.

Interesting Mall Game Review
Interesting Mall Game Account dashboard

Interesting Mall has a very user friendly dashboard.

Top – up meaning you will cash in money on the game. Once you cash in the money will be stored in the available balance.

Is interesting Mall a Scam or Legit?

3 days ago I have seen a video in Youtube saying this is legit. And they have proof of income. Well for us for now we can say that this is legit. On the other hand I am currently playing on the website and I will surely update this blog if they will not give me the amount of money that I will withdraw.

Interesting Mall – Things you should Know!

  • Do not be greedy in buying products and betting it all.
  • Cash In only your extra money.
  • Gather more information in Youtube

Other things inside Interesting Mall

Points to convert

Interesting Mall Game Review

This are the available points that you can convert into cash. If you lose in betting then you can earn points by claiming after you bet.

Lets try betting shall we? lets go.

So for this tutorial purposes we are going to use the Cash 2x Returns and if we win we will get 10 pesos

Interesting Mall Game Review

After clicking that you need to click checkout.

Interesting Mall Game Review
Interesting Mall Game Review

After Checking out you need to click Hot spot.

Interesting Mall Game Review

In this part where it all happens. So for me I will choose the Odd Number by just checking out the result below. Then You will need to confirm selection and wait a few seconds to see if you got it right.

Interesting Mall Game Review

This is the Bonus Countdown where you need to wait for the results.

Interesting Mall Game Review

Well sad to say that my 5 pesos bet didn’t win anything at all. But as you can see you can Redeem Points.

The 5 pesos bet that I did become 5 points. In which I can exchange that in the future for cash also.

Interesting Mall Game Review

Interesting Mall Game Review Final Thoughts

Well that’s just it guys, This is Legit. And I enjoy playing with it. Soon I will show you how we will cash in and bet on bigger products. Let me know in the comment section below how many percentage do you think you will cash in for any amount? Would you do it? Neworkom Review – Legit or Scam? Earn More Money


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