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PrizeRbel Make me Rich Quick Scam

PrizeRebel Review – Discover Legit or Scam? (April 2024)

Hey Guys, I am back to show you another extra income that we can do, especially during Lockdown, and without further ado, let me introduce you to PrizeRebel Review.

We know that working in an office is stopping us from doing what we want to do, And having an online job will be better so we can spend more time with our family.

For people, not probably all, Having a home-based job is a dream, and with this, survey sites will let that dream come true. That’s why I always advise people to expect not too much for a particular website.

Never expect to earn a lot of money with less work and less effort that you will provide. If that site says you can make big by just clicking things, that surely is not guaranteed.

Before Anything Else: VISIT THE SITE CLICK HERE!

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Again with this review, Don’t expect to become a billionaire by just signing up on a website. That will be insane. LOL. Or buy a Lamborghini in a month. That will be not so realistic, right.

So let’s get into business and talk about what is PrizeRebel and how the site works.

What is PrizeRebel?

PrizeRebel Review - Discover Legit or Scam? (April 2024) 1
  • Platform Name: PrizeRebel
  • Website:
  • Business Type: GPT (get-paid-to)
  • Recommended? For Extra Income, yes.

PrizeRebel is one of the big websites within online paid survey / get-paid-to sites (GPT). It has existed since 2007, and according to its numbers, it has more than 10 million users and has paid out over $21 million in rewards.

PrizeRebel Review

During my research, PrizeRebel is a Legit site that you can use. But this matters in the country that you are located.

It depends because some of the countries offer a lot of opportunities while others don’t. An example of them is the United States.

We are located in the Philippines, so I will show you how you can earn in PrizeRebel. It doesn’t limit to the surveys only.

What does the site offer?

PrizeRebel is an online platform that offers users the opportunity to earn rewards through a variety of activities. Here’s what the site offers:

  • Surveys and Offers: Users can participate in market research by completing surveys and offers from different companies. This is the primary way to earn points on the site.
  • Watching Videos: Members can earn points by watching short videos from various content categories.
  • Referral Program: PrizeRebel rewards users for referring friends and family to the platform. You earn a percentage of the points your referrals make.
  • Daily Challenges: The site provides daily challenges that, when completed, offer additional points or rewards.
  • Raffles, Contests, and Lucky Numbers: Users can participate in various competitions for a chance to win extra points or special prizes.
  • Customizable Profiles: Users can customize their profiles and set up preferences for a more personalized experience on the site.

How to earn Money in PrizeRebel?

When I created my account with a Facebook sign-up, I have no bonus points.

After that, I discovered that you could earn by completing surveys and tasks on the site. See the image below.

PrizeRebel Review

These are the example of tasks that have complete or need to be completed to earn more points. There are also surveys.

After completing two tasks, we now have 15 points.

Complete Tasks/Daily Surveys:

Earn Points By Inviting your Friends:

Oh, Check also their Facebook page:

They always post free redeem codes for adding points to your account. We turned the notification on their page, so we get the free codes as quickly as possible.

I tried to redeem the old codes, but they had already expired. Sad huh.

I will still update this blog once we finally receive gift cards or awards from our PayPal account. And other legit techniques we can do so we can have more points even if we are from the Philippines.

How much does the membership cost?

This site is free to join. You will not pay for anything.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

In Every site or application, there are Advantages and Disadvantages. Check the different lists below.

When comparing PrizeRebel, They are unique and having this tremendous surveys on their database. Which other companies use to have a great plan. They also have a great referral system which I love.

When you have questions, their support system is fast enough to answer your inquiry within 24 hours. They have a QandA section that you can browse to check if your question has already been answered.


  • Highest revshare payout in the industry
  • Huge inventory of Surveys and Offers
  • Worldwide earning opportunities
  • PayPal and gift card rewards
  • Higher earnings per click than traditional CPA affiliate programs
  • Over tens of thousands paid to our affiliates each month


  • Not all qualify for all surveys (but that goes for any survey site).
  • There are not a lot of opportunities in all countries.

You are adding to the promising opportunities in the Google Extension, which they created. This Extension can let you stay updated if there are new surveys; you get notified quickly.

The thing that I don’t really like about them is that when you are going to fill out a survey. During the profiling, you passed, but then when you submit, it says you are not qualified, or it is not a good match. Man!! That is so frustrating.

The one thing that they could improve is creating a mobile application which all users can use their mobile phones to have more points on our account.

So, if we are traveling, we can still take surveys and more.

How to sign up in PrizeRebel

prizerebel review

Refer to the image above. That is the website’s homepage, and on the right side, you can see that it has a form for signing up. Click the Sign up with Facebook.

Click here to Sign Up.

PrizeRebel Review

And that’s just it. With one click, you will have your profile created quickly.

How about their referral program?

Their referral program is so unique. And exciting.

Take a look at this image below.

PrizeRebel Review

Based on my understanding if will you use my affiliate link or referral link. Then I will earn a 15% bonus. But if you will invite another friend. Then you will make a 15% bonus on them. But I will not earn anymore because that is your invite, not mine.

At least they are not a pyramiding scam, right.

I love survey sites that are not relying on a referral system. This is the best example.

PrizeRebel Membership Levels

PrizeRebel offers several membership levels, each with its own benefits. As users earn more points, they can ascend through different levels:

  • Bronze: This is the starting level for all new members.
  • Silver: Achieved after earning a specific amount of points. Benefits include a points bonus and faster prize processing.
  • Gold: This level comes with additional benefits, including a higher points bonus, more referral rewards, and special bonuses.
  • Platinum: Members at this level enjoy even greater rewards, including higher bonuses and more significant discounts on prize redemptions.
  • Diamond: The highest level, offering the best rewards, including the highest possible bonuses and exclusive offers and promotions.
PrizeRebel Review

Check this image that tells us that it will only have 15% in the bronze account level if we have referral bonuses. And if our account level reaches Silver, we will have a 20% referral bonus. And so on.

So the account in PrizeRebel has different levels.

When you level up, the bonus will also grow.

Check Other Peoples Testimonials

PrizeRebel Review

Thank you prize rebel for all the great games i have gotten for free and the many games to come!


I received my reward just a few days after claiming it. Thank you PrizeRebel!!


Thank you Prize Rebel! This is a legitimate and easy way to earn quick money so come join! It really got credited to my paypal account!


Thank you so much for not being another rip-off site. At first I was skeptical about the site but my confidence grew with each offer I completed.I built up enough points to custom order an 8GB SanDisk Cruzer Micro. Thanks again PrizeRebel!!


You can check more testimonials on their website.

Is Prize Rebel Legit?

According to my research and experience. Prize Rebel is paying and legit application that you can check out.

Again the last decision is still in your hand.

Check out the payment proof below.

Payment Proof


But Check out some of the other user payment proofs here:

PrizeRebel Review

Where to Withdraw your points?

Well, that is easy to be found. And that is in the Rewards menu at the top.

If you reach 1000 points on your account, you can exchange that with money. You are going to your Paypal account. I prefer Paypal because I have one. Well, it depends on your situation. Where do you like?

PrizeRebel Review

Once you are on this page, you will also see the Recent Rewards where some of the users withdraw their points going to their Paypal. Awesome right.

When you request or claim your rewards, please be patient because it will be processed after 24 hours, or if your account level is in gold or higher, it will just process within 10 minutes or more.

Five Key Facts About PrizeRebel

  1. Established in 2007: PrizeRebel has been around for over a decade, building a solid reputation in the online rewards space.
  2. Worldwide Accessibility: While primarily based in the USA, PrizeRebel is accessible to users worldwide.
  3. Millions of Users: The platform has millions of registered users and has distributed millions of dollars in rewards.
  4. Variety of Rewards: PrizeRebel offers a diverse range of redemption options, catering to different preferences and needs.
  5. User-Friendly Interface: The website is designed to be user-friendly, with easy navigation and clear instructions for earning and redeeming points.

PrizeRebel Review Conclusion

PrizeRebel Review - Discover Legit or Scam? (April 2024) 2

I can’t conclude right now that they are still paying because I’m currently enjoying their site and earning points.

As We have gathered information with different site reviews. They all have a positive review. So, for now, let’s say this is an 80% Legit Site. The 20% will matter on our experience. Hehe.


Thank you so much for reading this blog, and again don’t forget to share. Comment your questions, and I will answer them personally.



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