How to Backup Your WordPress Site | 2019 Tutorial

Backup Your Website
How to Backup Your WordPress Site | 2019 Tutorial 1

So how can you backup your wordpress website in a free way and best way? you maybe wondering if that is possible. Well yes of course. The only thing you need is just a plugin called Updraftplus or All in one Wp Migration. This guys are the best as what i have experience with them.

You maybe asking how to do it? hmm that’s just simple you just going to install the plugin andu00a0 set it up. i been thinking that i will going to create a video for this so that you guys can benefit all the steps from it.

If you want also something like a paid version of a plugin that is best to backup? Well i also found out that the BackupBuddy is the fastest in my experience. Really awesome to backup with this plugin even if your site is big. Just a few clicks away and the output is there.

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