You are wondering why you need to change the url of your login page. Is it really important to change or hide the login page of your websites? Well in this blog post i will teach you on how to hide your login page on your websites or you can watch the video below this to have an idea on what did i do.

So the first thing that you need to do is log in to your dashboard and then navigate to your plugins and click add new. When you are in that certain page then you will need to search for ithemes security plugin.

There are also different plugins that you can use to change the or hide the login page of your website. Well for this tutorial purposes we love to recommend ithemes security for your website because it is really easy to change or hide the backend of your wordpress website.

How do I find my WordPress admin login page?

And if you are newbie in wordpress platform some are asking if how can i find my a login page well on the very basic wordpress website all you need to do is enter siteURL/login/ or siteURL/admin/. Site url means that it is the url of your website. The two extensions will going to redirect you to the login page of your wordpress website and then you can enter your username and password. Then when you hit submit button you will going to be directly redirected to the admin area or the dashboard of your website.

How do I remove the logo from my WordPress login page?

Some are having questions on how can you remove the logo on your wordpress login page or you can customize a login page on your wordpress website. Well before it is really hard to do because you will going to code it or customize it with a code but now you can use a plugin called customize admin.

Well this plugin is really helpful because this will going to customize the appearance/ looks of your wordpress login page and you can use the plugin and edit stuff at the backend of your site. Basically can add or customize the image in the login page, and and specify what is the url attach to the logo when you click it it will going to redirect on that specific url, you can also upload an image or customize the login background, and many more. And if you want to locate the location of the plugin you can directly go to your settings and then go to sections and customize admin.

The main reason why to hide the login page?

The main reason why you are going to hide the back end of your wordpress or the login page of your wordpress website is because of the hackers that will going to bruteforce into your website. They will going to spam the username and password of your website and then unfortunately they will going to penetrate on password if you are having a weak password and username.

And also please include recaptcha or capture in your login page. So that you can avoid spammers on your website. My experience in spammers is they will going to flood the traffic on your login page and it will going to hurt your hosting if your hosting has a limited bandwidth.

Well i hope this blog post help you in your website and if you are having more questions please do leave me a comment.

Cheers and have a great day!

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