SEO Backlinks | Are Backlinks Important for SEO?

SEO BACKLINK is Everything in SEO

SEO Backlinks? Are Backlinks important for SEO? Quick answer “Yes”, In this article, you will get to know more about backlinks and its pro’s and cons. And why you should do backlinks on your site for more SEO Organic Traffic.

What is Backlinks?

Backlinks play a huge role in terms of ranking your site in the search results. This is basically a link from a website pointing to your main website that you are targeting to rank higher.

Search Engine Count this links as the authority you have to rank a specific keyword. It is like when you are everyone’s word of mouth then you are the top headline of the day.

Some use the blackhat and whitehat techniques in bringing links to a website and boost its rankings.

It doesn’t mean when you use backlinks you will have extremely great results. Sometimes backlinks hurt websites especially if these links are coming from spammy sites or adult sites.

This will become a great signal in Google that your website must be penalized. hehe. Don’t get so down by this but that is just one example. There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you will use related niche backlinks.

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Are Backlinks important for SEO?

The Good and Quick answer is Yes. The backlinks serve as how popular your website is for the Search Engines. When you have a ton of backlinks from very trustworthy websites, then this is an awesome signal that Google will love your website at the top of the search results.

What you should stay away from are websites that have a lot of external URL’s pointing to them. Because that is a good example of websites that are selling backlinks. And Google doesn’t like websites that are buying links or selling them.

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Do Backlinks help SEO?

Yes, this is helping your website SEO. Like I said When you want to rank on keywords that are very competitive. You can directly create just one article and wait the next day on your site to be on the top #1 results.

What you can do and really effective nowadays is Link Outreach. Figure out how you can have an article in a very popular blog or website that can give a backlink to your site.

When you have solved the problem. If you ever have a link to a very trustworthy site. You will see the results that you are looking for.

Well, it will always depend on your competitors if they have more trustworthy links than yours then chances are you’ll be on the top 2.

Get the Less Spammed Site

What I mean by this is that you will do the research where you want to have links pointing to you’re website and you should collect the sites that have little to zero spam score.

This is an example of the Moz toolbar, where I can directly see the spam score of any website that I will visit.

You can get it from here Google Extension for free Moz.

Should you do Blog Commenting?

If you find websites that have to comment on posts enabled and the links are do-follow? Then you should do it. But it is really hard to find that kind of gold nowadays. Yeah, hehe. I’ve tried it.

But if you are out there looking for people like you to be your friend. Or you just adore someone and you have to do it. Or you love the article. Then I encourage you to do it.

If you use blog commenting as one strategy for your backlinks and stumbled on a website that has a lot of spam in it. I encourage you to stop it. It is just not worth it of your time and effort.

Harmful SEO Backlinks to AVOID

You must know this, having these links will increase your percentage to have a penalty in Google.

An example is

  • having a post which only has 200 words to 300 then point it to your website.
  • The website that has a greater percentage in spam score
  • The website that is selling links that don’t have enough Trust flow

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Backlinks are really important. And if you find a really popular and trustworthy site? It is better to have one link on that site that do a bunch of links that has low domain authority and trust flow. Aim for long term purpose not for the short term.

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