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Valentine’s Day Ideas to Celebrate (With Family – Friends – Kids)

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Celebrate (With Family – Friends – Kids)

I like Valentine’s Day because I think it’s a good excuse to show those around you that you appreciate their love and friendship. Although I think you should show the whole year, and not wait for this particular day to do it, but it never hurts to have a day to celebrate it. It is also a good way to teach our children how to appreciate friendship and how to demonstrate it.

Valentine’s Day should not be a big production, nor have major expenses. Try these last minute ideas to celebrate love and friendship in a more personal, casual and economical way.

For Children:

1. Valentine Cards- In Puerto Rico we have a tradition that children give out Valentine’s cards to their classmates. To make them more special, do not buy them pre-made – let them do them! You only need construction paper in the colors you want, markers and stickers. You can make each personalized card, or create a card on white paper, and then get a copy of the colored papers. There are also many printables completely free on the internet.

2. Edible Gifts – Your children can help you prepare cookies, cupcakes or brownies, and then distribute them to your classmates. Search recipes online or buy the boxes in the supermarket with a prepaid card. They will feel very proud to give something made by themselves.

3. Valentine’s Day Lunches – Prepare your children’s lunch boxes with a little Valentine’s Day. You can use a heart-shaped cutter for the sandwich, or add pink color to the yogurt. You can find other recipe ideas and Valentine’s lunches here.

For Adults:

1. Find a babysitter – If you want to spend the day or night as a couple, the first thing you have to do is arrange for the children. If a nanny is out of your budgetor you do not have time to get it, look for a neighbor, family member or friend who can take care of them for a while. They will be happy with the change of environment, and you will have the privacy you seek to share together.

2. A quiet night – Prepare a simple dinner for two. It does not have to be elaborate, or better yet, cook together! Light some candles and spend the night talking about any topic – except the children!

3. Take pictures – Take a walk to the park or somewhere you like. Take photos of each other and ask someone to take pictures of both of you. The photos are always a nice memory of special moments, and you can send them to print or make a collage.

4. Let them choose their gift- Instead of looking for a special gift for your partner, give him a gift card. In this way, they can choose what they want according to their tastes or needs.

With family or friends:

1. Organize a meeting in your home – Invite your friends, or just have a family party with the children. You can make a game night. On the internet, you can find ideas for Valentine’s games, or simply use the table games that you have at home.

2. Take the opportunity to give thanks to your friends – On the internet, you can find many resources to get images and messages to send by email or social networks.

3. Decorate your home- As for any other celebration, having our home decorated with a theme always helps us feel good. You do not have to spend a lot of money on buying Valentine’s decorations. The colors of the season are red and pink. Combine them with white or black and you’ll feel ready to celebrate. A trick that I use to spend less is to reuse some red Christmas decorations.

As you can see, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Best of all, you do not need much time to plan your last-minute celebrations either. You just need to get some free time and someone to share it with.

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