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What is Airbag ? How it works ?

We all have to travel in the car. You must have heard the name of all the airbag so. But do you know what the airbag is doing here and its job? Today’s our article is on the subject of airbag what is it doing here. And we will tell you how it protects us when it’s an accident. After all what is the science behind it.

What is Airbag ?

There is no standard feature of the airbag car. This is an optional feature. That which happens in a car, does not happen in a car. It is mandetory in any country not mandetory in any country. But this is a device that works for extra protection for us at the time of the accident. If we talk about its technical name, this is supplemental dectise system. This means that it is not a stand alone device. It’s not like that you took an airbag in your car and saved your life at the time of the accident. The airbag always works with the seat belt. And it works extra protection for you.

How Airbag works ?

We all know the law of action of Newton. If we are going to any car and have a seat belt. If that happens then our body goes forward. Which limits the seat belt to a great extent. But because of the load of the head, it is bumped into the stearing wheel, which leads to considerable loss. Sometimes it happens till death. So our head needs a landing pad. With which our head collides with the landing pad and avoid injury to the head. In this way we airbag the work of landing pad.This airbag is not only available in the car but also in many bikes. The airbag is also for the passenger along with the driver. Their main work is to prepare a soft landing pad for us at the time of the accident. So that we do not bump into any hard object. Our body has not seen any strong impact.

How Airbag open itself ?

In fact, the car has an accelerometer censor that judges the speed of the shock during the accident, how fast the car is stopping. And the airbag opens faster than it does. When we walk from the normal speed, and suddenly break, the airbag does not open. Because the setting of the censor is done in such a way that the car stops faster than a specific limit. Only then does the censor know that some crash has happened. And he sends the signal, inflat the inflator, and then opens the airbag.

How Inflator works ?

In the Inflator, some chemicals are placed on one side and a heating element is attached. The heating element heats those chemicals. By which there is a reaction in the chemical, which causes nitrozen, or argon gas. And she is out in the pack of nylon. And the airbag is inflated very fast as it moves and after that it goes too fast. 

Also Read in Hindi : Google Question Hub Kya Hai ?If you do not obstruct the seat belt while driving the car, even if you have an airbag, it will not work very effective and we will have to suffer a lot. It works at a speed of about 300 km / h.

Other use of Airbag

 It is not that the airbag is used only for passenger safety in the car and bike. Apart from these, it has many uses. They are also used in space projects. Like when a spacecraft is landed on another planet, it is landed only with the help of parachute and airbag. Or when the spacecraft comes back to earth, they are also landed with the help of this. Further research is underway on how to make its timing more accurately, it should be steam first and open on a perfect time to save the life of the people.

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