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2 for 2 connect review


“2 for 2 Connect Review”

As mobile phone customers are most likely already conscious, app marketplaces like the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store are regularly being loaded with tons of totally free and paid applications and games. So naturally, this means it’s straightforward for lesser-known gems like programmer TabTale’s puzzler 2 For 2 to disappear in the mix of prominent social network applications and various other preferred titles. That’s an actual shame since 2 For 2 is an uncommon treat for mobile proprietors with a casual video gaming streak. The game is free, lightweight, and lugs with a simple allure that makes it excellent for mobile gamers who aren’t ready to study prolonged story-driven titles or pay-to-win shenanigans.

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2 for 2 connect review


This application is a puzzle game that involves numbers that you will connect with, and you will receive gift cards or cash.

You are going to connect the numbers, and there are always choices. You just don’t run out of moves in this game.

Make lines by connecting as many same numbered dots as you can. The longer the line, the more points you get and the longer you’ll survive in this 2 for 2 games.

After you connect two or more of the same numbers, it will explode, and you will have rewards by doing it.


2 For 2 is the current title under the Crazy Labs umbrella, a collection that TabTale defines as an “informal video games brand name” made in collaboration with independent programmers worldwide. Perhaps that’s why this most recent game reveals every one of the fundamental gloss and universal allure that a free-to-play title ought to have: it has a clean user interface, soft as well as unintrusive songs and also audio results, and also a gameplay formula that interest gamers of any age.

In 2 For 2, players are tasked with matching numbered floor tiles on a five-by-five grid. Each floor tile carries a low-value number, like 2 or 4, and matching two of these floor tiles in a line results in a solitary tile that adds up their worths. The developed value remains to enhance with each additional tile straight, and also players can make higher-value tiles by matching up ever-increasing numbers. Every one of the empty spaces produced by damaging floor tiles, as one could anticipate, is filled with brand-new number tiles from the top, and also games continue till say goodbye to steps can be made, in which case, the game mores than.

Players will certainly spend the majority of the video game with the explicit creating ever-increasing numbers for ever-increasing high ratings, and also the only constraint to the number created is that it must be a rapid worth of two, i.e., four, 8, 16, 32, and so forth, all the way as much as 1,000 and also 2,000.

With the prospective worths of their lines in mind, gamers need to think about the future lines they intend to make and the one they’re currently making, as the final floor tile will certainly be developed on the last tile in the chain. Matching numbers together with reckless abandon would result in high-value floor tiles being spread throughout the grid, which would certainly make future matching tough, if not impossible.


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2 for 2 connect review

Most of the time, they have 1 star only. Which are negative reviews.

The application can be found here:


The action itself is likely more challenging to explain than it is to play; there are occasions when matching numbers comes up with a less-than-fortunate result. The game offers players three opportunities to reverse their actions. After that, gamers can utilize likewise special abilities to eliminate a certain ceramic tile or rush the tiles on the board. Using these capabilities, as well as making use of the choice rating multiplier, costs in-game coins.

As though expected, coins can be acquired through fundamental gameplay or in-app acquisitions. Sometimes, players will certainly see a coin on the grid, and matching a number to the significant tile will get the coin. Gamers that likewise need a fast increase to make a large play can additionally enjoy a short video advertisement to make a fast 25 coin reward. This produces a couple of straightforward choices. However, it shouldn’t be counted on too often, as the expense of each powerup increases each time it’s utilized.

Beyond coins as well as unique abilities, 2 For 2 does not offer many more thrills. However, the video game consists of various skins, each of which is offered a title like Modern, Mountain, Winter, Loneliness, and “Sky without men,” which can be bought utilizing 100 coins. It also includes various achievements with Android’s Google Play functions for striking landmark numbers like 256 and 16,000. Also, gamers can contrast their scores with the scores of their pals through the Leaderboard option.


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The only option to withdraw the money is through Paypal. It takes 3 days to process and to process the order. You need to watch 100 video ads. That’s how they make money.


With a factor to consider to its free-to-play foundation, 2 For 2 has to do with as good a video game as any other. It isn’t most likely to wow gamers with graphical effects, plot-based intrigue, or tons of unlockables. However, it accomplishes what it lays out to do inappropriate style. It involves playing; suits can last anywhere from mins to hrs, and gamers can pick up their previous progression at any time in the totally plausible chance that they need to set down their phone and trendy to real-world matters.

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Essentially, 2 For 2 is the excellent problem video game to fill those random rooms in time most of us appear to encounter, and also an uncommon treat in the middle of an ever-expanding free-to-play video games market. Gamers can discover it over on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store.

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