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cashkarma app review

CashKarma App Review 2024 – Is CashKarma Legit?

CashKarma App Review 2024


Is CashKarma legit? 2024 Review– Investing time and effort into an app that claims to give you money, is quite risky, as you surely don’t want to waste a single minute on something that won’t gain you anything. For the past year, CashKarma has been one of the hottest free earning-app that you can download, which gained positive reviews as well.

However, this 2024, this blog aims to see if CashKarma indeed allows you to earn money, and you will know various things as you scroll down on this article.

cashkarma app review

What is CashKarma App?

 CashKarma is a get paid to (GPT) application that allows you to earn free money by completing tasks such as answering surveys, watching videos, taking surveys, referral programs, and many more.

The app was launched by Darkfield Software LLC, which is free to download via Google Play App Store or App Store using your android phones and IOS, respectively.

There are also three more apps that let you earn rewards including appKarma, playKarma, and screenKarma, which are all under the same company, but this time, we will solely focus on CashKarma.

You can download the app here:

How Does CashKarma Works?

First, you need to download it by either visiting their website or directly opening your Google Play Store/App Store. Next, look for CashKarma and install it on your Android or IOS phone. This is an international app that can be downloaded by global users.

As soon as it was installed, you will immediately earn 300 Karma points, which is the currency of the app. What is quite unique to this app is you will not be required to make an account to use it; however, it is recommended that you will still sign up as using your email address will actually give you a bonus of 50 points after verifying it. You need to be 13 years old or above though to proceed.

Now that your account is set, let’s proceed to what offers and ways you can do to earn money and rewards.

CashKarma App Review 2024 - Is CashKarma Legit? 1

How to Take Surveys to Earn Rewards in the CashKarma App

Taking surveys to earn rewards in the CashKarma app is a straightforward process that allows users to accumulate points quickly. Here’s how to do it effectively:

  • Survey Availability: Check the “Surveys” section within the app regularly to see if there are any available surveys to participate in.
  • Survey Selection: Browse through the list of available surveys and select the ones that interest you or match your demographic profile.
  • Complete Surveys: Follow the instructions provided for each study and answer the questions honestly and accurately. Ensure that you meet all the requirements specified for each survey to maximize your chances of completion.
  • Earn Points: Upon successful completion of a survey, you will earn a certain number of points, which will be credited to your CashKarma account.
  • Redeem Rewards: Once you’ve accumulated enough points, you can redeem them for various rewards such as gift cards, PayPal cash, or other prizes available in the app’s reward catalog.

Points from Promotions and Games of the CashKarma App

In addition to surveys, users can also earn points through promotions and games within the CashKarma app. Here’s how:

  • Promotional Offers: Keep an eye out for special promotions and offers advertised within the app. These may include tasks such as watching videos, downloading apps or completing other activities in exchange for points.
  • Game Rewards: CashKarma offers various games that users can play to earn points. Users can accumulate points by achieving certain milestones, reaching high scores, or completing specific in-game objectives.
  • Referral Program: Users can also earn points by referring friends to join CashKarma. When a referred friend signs up using the user’s referral code and completes certain activities, both the referrer and the referee may receive bonus points.
CashKarma App Review 2024 - Is CashKarma Legit? 2

New Member Signup Bonus of CashKarma App

CashKarma welcomes new members with a signup bonus as an incentive to join the platform. Here’s what new members can expect:

  • Registration Process: Download the CashKarma app from the App Store or Google Play Store and complete the registration process to create an account.
  • Signup Bonus: Upon successful registration, new members are typically awarded a signup bonus in the form of points. The specific amount may vary depending on promotional offers and current incentives.
  • Redeemable Rewards: The signup bonus points can be added to the user’s total points balance and redeemed for rewards, along with points earned from other activities such as surveys, promotions, and games.
CashKarma App Review 2024 - Is CashKarma Legit? 3

Payment and Rewards of CashKarma App

CashKarma offers users a variety of payment and reward options to redeem their accumulated points. Here’s what users need to know:

  • Reward Catalog: Explore the reward catalog within the CashKarma app to browse available options. Rewards may include gift cards to popular retailers, PayPal cash, prepaid Visa cards, and more.
  • Redemption Process: Once users have accumulated enough points, they can initiate the redemption process within the app. Select the desired reward from the catalog and follow the instructions to redeem it.
  • Delivery Time: Depending on the chosen reward, delivery times may vary. Electronic rewards such as gift cards or PayPal cash are typically delivered instantly or within a few hours, while physical rewards may take longer to process and deliver.
  • Minimum Redemption Threshold: CashKarma may have a minimum redemption threshold that users must reach before they can redeem their points for rewards. Be sure to check the app for any minimum requirements.
  • Payment Options: Users can choose their preferred payment method when redeeming rewards. Options may include PayPal for cash rewards, electronic gift cards, or physical gift cards mailed to the user’s address.
CashKarma App Review 2024 - Is CashKarma Legit? 4

What are the ways to earn money using CashKarma?

There are several ways to earn money from this app. However, the points that will be given to you will also vary on how easy and hard the tasks you will be taking are.


Surveys are one of the ways to earn points and is also the task that gives you the most rewards. However, before you can take surveys, you have to undergo a screening exam, wherein you will be asked questions to be reviewed by the survey provider partners of CashKarma.

Tip: You have to be consistent in answering the questionnaire, as some questions might appear more than once.

 It usually takes 2 minutes to answer the screening test, and three to four same tests will be needed for you to complete. However, don’t worry, those short tests will actually earn you CashKarma points.

There are also four providers that you can take surveys from and even though you went disqualified while taking the survey, you will still earn points on an interval of 10, 25, 50, 100 times wherein you can earn points ranging from 50-500 points.

This is an edge already of the CashKarma app, as other earning apps don’t give you points for failing. This is a good note that the company is appreciating you for trying your best.

2. Joining Referral Program

Referring the application to your friends and family is also one way to earn points. As soon as you join the app through a referral code or link, you will automatically earn 300 points. If you will also share your code or link, both you and your referral can earn 300 points as well. To earn $10, you need to have at least 45 people.

3. Watch Videos and Trailers

This app also provides trailers and videos that you can watch wherein you can earn 1 point. The videos usually run for 15-30 seconds, and you can watch a lot of them as it doesn’t consume much time.

Converting 1 point is equivalent to $0.001, which is fine. In another perspective, however, you’ll be needing 1000 trailers to earn $1, which is not that high and worthy.

4. Bonuses, Offers, and Badges

One technique that you can do to earn additional points is consistently signing up each day and completing offers.

There are four levels to earn a bonus: (1) Level 1- 50 points, (2) Level 2 – 100 points, (3) Level 3- 250 points, and (4) Level 4- 500 points.

Meanwhile, you can have badges as you progress through the app while doing tasks. As for the offers and deals, there are some instances where you will be asked to answer short questionnaires or spin a wheel.

There are also free trials that you can sign up, but you need to be wary of these as they might ask for your credit card information.

How to Cash Out Coins?

There are different methods which you can use to withdraw your point, and here they are:


To cash out through CashKarma, you need to have a PayPal account first. If you do have, you can then proceed to the next step, but if you still haven’t, you can sign up through their official website.

To withdraw, you have to at least have 12,500 points which is equivalent to $10. Meanwhile, 50,000 points are equivalent to $50.

Amazon Gift Cards

For Amazon gift cards, you have to earn 600 CashKarma points, to get $5, while if you earn 25,000 points, you can exchange it for a $25 gift card.

CashKarma App Review 2024 - Is CashKarma Legit? 5

Is CashKarma Legit or Scam? 

As for our verdict, yes, CashKarma is LEGIT. However, there are key points you have to consider such as the pros and cons if you wish to proceed and make this a source of income or side hustle.

Pros and Cons 


  • Free Application
  • Several bonuses
  • Methods of encashments
  • Available worldwide


  • High payment threshold
  • Low payment
  • The points system is not systematic
  • Lots of ads

Conclusion for CashKarma App Review: 

Is CashKarma legit or Scam? Yes, it is a 100% legitimate application. Above all, this is really a recommended app, as it is available globally, and the methods to withdraw is accessible. Though earning points is a little bit hard, you can actually reach the payment threshold with patients and effort. A good part is your hard work for surveys will not turn in vain, as you can still earn points.

If you are looking for an app that offers several bonuses and ways to earn money, then I suggest this one.

Let me know in the comment section if you have used it. Or how does it works for you.

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