Performing Competitor SEO Analysis: How & Why Its Important

Performing Competitor SEO Analysis How Why Its Important

Why Is Site Speed Important?

One of the reasons to check for a high ranking in search engines like Google is site speed. Although website speed has long been neglected in SEO, it is now an essential and relevant factor in growing your business. A sluggish website may result in a delayed crawling rate, which will make Google wait longer to retrieve pages on your site before indexing new material. Increasing the speed of your website will be a simple method to improve your chances of achieving top rankings on Google.

Furthermore, a quick website will provide a much better user experience than one that is sluggish. This is also a major incentive to make sure your site’s speed is optimal (Moreover, in order to rank higher on Google, you should conduct keyword research. You could also investigate unique blog post ideas or basic SEO training to learn more).

Performing Competitor SEO Analysis: How & Why Its Important 1

Tools to check your site speed

We always check the site speed of a website on our low-cost and inexpensive SEO services for a variety of businesses. Obviously, when checking it from various locations, the site speed is different. That is why, in our site reviews (and not just one), we employ all of these tools.

PageSpeed Insights: 

separates mobile and desktop

Pingdom Tools:

 Insights allows for multiple locations


 breaks down its checks.


has a number of important tests that it rates highly. We think you should utilize all of these tools to evaluate the speed of your site. Their collaboration provides the most comprehensive picture possible of your website’s performance.

You may utilize these tools to test the performance of your website. They examine the speed of this website and offer suggestions on how to boost its speed. Both Google and YSlow provide good, though somewhat technical, explanations regarding the numerous aspects that you may enhance. The other instruments lack more explanation and are a little more difficult to interpret.

Plugins you should use.

There are several major caching plugins for WordPress that will make your site much faster, the most well-known ones being W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache, and WP Rocket.

We’ve discovered that W3 Total Cache is both technically excellent and capable of doing almost all of the things we’ve mentioned. But it’s also dangerous. It feels like you’re giving a child a butcher’s knife. Things can (and frequently do) go wrong. Therefore, we no longer suggest using W3 Total Cache for everyone.

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin that does exactly what it promises. It effectively caches your website without adding many bells and whistles. WP Rocket is superior in terms of speed, as it provides a solution to speed up your site without causing any problems. WP Rocket is an add-on that must be paid for.

You may use these tests to check your site’s speed. They analyze the speed of this site and provide suggestions on how to increase it. Google and YSlow have decent, albeit somewhat technical, explanations of the many elements that can be improved. The other tools give a lesser amount of explanation and are more difficult to interpret.

Performing Competitor SEO Analysis: How & Why Its Important 2

WP Super Cache is a caching plugin that works as promised. It caches your site without fail. WP Rocket is better because it provides a solution to speed up your site without any problems or hazards. WP Rocket costs money, but it’s not required if you use the free version of WordPress.

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