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Visitor Tracking

Visitor Tracking

Regardless of whether you possess a lead age site or an eCommerce site, it is fundamental to have the option to follow what number of guests your site gets and see what they do.

This data can control site upgrade, advise collaboration with potential leads and show whether your site advancement endeavors are working. While Google Analytics has been and keeps on being a standout among the most dominant powers in offering knowledge to guest details and numbers, some of extra programming projects have been created to make your look at site appearance a nitty gritty, all encompassing and real-time see.

Using site guest following programming can be an incredible partner to Google Analytics to see data, for example, guest numbers, normal time spent nearby, mouse heat maps and ricochet rates in real time instead of reflectively. The following are these extra site guest following programming programs that could be crucial to upgrading your site change rate and expanding generally speaking benefit.

Benefits of Visitor Tracking

It is mainly important to tracking the visitors that your website is currently experiencing. So that you can improve the click through rate and its engagements. Having the heatmaps make it more detailed.

Depending on the tool you are using, some of the benefits include:

  • Knowing if your new and old content is having more views and engagements.
  • Information about which social media platforms are driving visitors and more traffic.
  • Insight into how a visitor travels through your site.
  • See which products and sales deals are garnering the most attention.
  • Real-time notifications if a particular person/company visits your site.
  • Learn which pages generate the most sales leads.


ID who’s meeting your website now – and what they’ve been examining over the web. VisitorTrack is prescient showcasing to track, catch and distinguish the unknown business guests going to your site – with no enlistment. VisitorTrack incorporates ongoing unknown web guest distinguishing proof with Bomboras Company Surge expectation information into a solitary toolset to pinpoint dynamic interest for your items and administrations.


Hitsteps is similar with hit sniffer before. In Hitsteps get insight and competitive advantage by using a detailed analytics tool such as Hitsteps.

Hitsteps Analytics is a real time visitor web statistics, heatmap and live chat app with online visitors.

It allows you to view your web stats, visitors stream and follow each visitors to know more about each pages they see. It allow you to engage with your visitors using live chat tool. You’ll be provided with detailed charts and information about each visitor such as geo location (estimated city, country and region via IP address), their first visit on your site, referer to your site, their browser, OS and device and much more!

It is optimized as blog stats, web stats, woocommerce stats and ecommerce analytics. Advantages over Google analytics includes but not limited to Detailed information of each and all visitors, ability to engage with visitors using live chat tool, heatmap for each pages, carefully pre-generated and categorized reports, real-time analytics on all reports, report on visitors from world known companies and much more…

This is working on WordPress check the plugin here


The Whos.Amung.Us is one of the best free website visitor tracking tools. They have free version and paid version.

Even though it’s free, the tool will be enough for most of the website owners. It supports unlimited page views, unlimited visitors, and an infinite number of websites. Different widgets are available. You can add a live map to your site or choose from a selection of visitor counters widgets.

To install the widget on your site, you need to copy and paste the HTML code from the Whos.Amung.Us website. You need to insert it onto every site that you want to track; it is not enough to only run it on your homepage.


Act-On marketing automation software helps sales and marketing teams increase and convert leads faster and more efficiently throughout the customer lifecycle with adaptive features.

Marketers wanting to move at the speed of today’s customers need a Marketing Lead Management solution that adapts to the infinite number of buyer journeys made possible by today’s digital technology.

Act-On cuts through the digital noise and delivers personalized marketing efforts at scale – positioning marketers to realize their growth potential and experience proven success. Read More!


Clicky lets us drill down to our conversions on an ultra-fine level that is impossible in Google Analytics. We have learned so much about why people convert on our site since installing Clicky just a few months ago; our conversion rates have literally gone through the roof!” Read more!

Clicky lets you track website visitors in real-time. You can see where the visitor is located. And also see other details such as ISP, browser and many more.

What I like about this is that they have heatmaps which is really cool. You will know what the visitors love to click and improve your website.


Web-stat is really awesome tracking tool, and guess what, they have free traffic analysis.

Live web stats and full visitors details for your site. Observe your visitors interacting with your web site in real time! 5-minute installation.

You can monitor the health of your website. You can see the status of the user if he/she is a return user. Whether it is a direct traffic or not. The browser they are using.

You can get to know who are your users on your website and beautiful, user-friendly reports to help you better understand your website traffic.

That only not limit to this list of tools that you could use to track your visitors on your website. There are more! feel free to search more in the internet you will see more list.

Let me know what you think is the best visitor tracking for your website in the comment section.

Thank you for reading this article thank you so much!


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