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Why Design Converts

Why Design Converts: Comprehensive Guide 2024

Design is all around us, and it plays a crucial role in how we interact with the world. Good design can make all the difference in whether or not we convert on a given task, whether it’s completing a purchase, signing up for a service, or simply taking action on a website.

Reasons why design converts but here are three of the most important:

Why Design Converts

1. Good design is visually appealing.

 We’re drawn to things that look good, and we’re more likely to take action on something if it’s attractive.

Good design makes use of colour, imagery, and typography to create a pleasing aesthetic that draws us in and keeps us engaged.

2. Good design is intuitive.

We don’t like to think too hard, especially when we’re trying to accomplish something online. Good design is intuitive, meaning it’s easy to understand and use. The best designs are so well done that we don’t even realise how easy they are to use- we just do it.

3. Good design is effective.

Good design isn’t just about making something look good or being easy to use. It’s also about being effective, meaning it gets the job done. A good design will take into account the user’s needs and goals, and it will guide them towards taking the desired action. When a design is effective, it doesn’t just look good or work well- it also achieves its purpose.

Design plays a vital role in conversion because it affects how we perceive and interact with the world around us. Good design is visually appealing, easy to understand and use, and effective in achieving its goals. By taking these factors into account, we can create designs that convert.

Which of the following is not true about graphic design?

Why Design Converts

Your business needs a logo

Ugly websites convert better than well-designed websites

Custom work is looked upon more favourably than stock art

Graphics can improve SEO value of your website

Quality graphics improve advertising efforts

The mind is stimulated by shape and colour. High-quality creative that moves users through the funnel at any stage significantly benefits from branded infographics. There have been multiple studies linking branded infographic value (and conversion increases) to the brain.

The problem is that users may misuse or abuse this method. We all agree how poor design might result in business loss on a fundamental level. Old logos, cheesy 90s web design, or a general appearance that conveys “we don’t care” are easy ways to get any savvy prospect to look for alternatives. 

The Traditional Basics: People Compare

In previous versions of marketing, there was good cause for why businesses would pay exorbitant fees to network television. Appearing on these networks (and doing so frequently) resulted in a high level of brand authority and prompted consumers to buy. TV advertisements were formerly the most effective marketing tool accessible.

When it comes to graphic design, repetition is crucial! It’s critical to never forget that repetition in design matters when you’re working with a well-established brand. Connecting visual motifs, adopting current methods for incorporating your trademark brands, and coming up with unique ways to include them are all things that should be done routinely.

But Wait – I Heard Ugly Websites Convert!

There is a widespread belief that “ugly landing pages convert better.” While there is some truth to this statement, the conclusion drawn from it is incorrect. What you want to avoid is over-designing your landing page. A landing page, often known as a “Squeeze Page,” is used to sell products and get visitors

The go-to method for highlighting key value promises is quick and successful. One of the reasons we frequently see marketers move away from this is that they do not want to produce “thick” material. Thin content are pages that are considered undesirable by Google for SEO purposes because they are short.

When it comes to landing pages, keep KISS (keep it simple stupid) in mind. A user’s sole aim in visiting a landing page is to consider a purchase. When people do research, they consume very distinct sorts of material.

Treat the landing page as a landing page rather than a marketing tool. If they’re already interested in making a purchase, you don’t need to pique their curiosity any further. The user will do so while conducting research on their own during the exploration phase.

There is a time and place for informative, SEO-optimised content. The landing page isn’t one of them. Anything more than the absolute essentials needed to make a purchase is distracting. Users find this perplexing and are more inclined to leave without making the purchasing decision your page was intended to assist them in making: redeeming an offer.

Why Design Converts

Dialled In

Graphic design that is visually appealing may help you target your audience. Because of your aesthetic choices, this will actually result in higher conversion rates. When compared to colour schemes used by interior designers, the colours that gamers prefer are considerably more energetic and “noisy”.

Have you ever found yourself thinking to yourself while browsing, “I think this is it?” This is exactly why. The message was built with one more level of precision to radiate in your mind as the answer.

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