Lucky Money App Review – Legit or Scam? $10 easy cash what?

lucky money

Lucky Money App ReviewLucky Money is an Android Application that promises to pay you in exchange for your efforts to scratch and play inside the application.

Hi Guys, Welcome to our blog. It is another android application review for extra income. Our target is to know if this app is worth your time and efforts to play with.

There are a lot like this application which is available in playstore. But we need to make sure if they really pays. Lets dive right in to the review and let’s check it out.

Be sure to watch the video review.

Lucky Money App Review

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What is Lucky Money App

Lucky Money App is an android application that pays you 100 dollars if you will scratch their cards as many as you can luckily win big amount of prices.

They also have daily rewards that you can enjoy checking in or claiming every day.

Lucky money app review

Check out Day 7 on the image above. Have you calculated already like it’s just 4000 coins but you still needs a million of it to withdraw an amazon Giftcard. Not worth your time. LOL

They have 4.8-star reviews in the play store and that is around 2,200 people. That is really amazing knowing these reviews are true and not fake. Because if we will base only on the reviews then we can conclude directly that it is legit.

But our process in reviewing application is not like that. We will use the application and provide our own opinion if it is legit or not. Other than that we also search in the web if someone already receive their $100 price going to Paypal.

How to play

  • Pick 1 Card, Scratch it.
  • Match 3 same Symbol, Win the BIG Rewards!
  • Match 1 Coin Symbol,win a few Coins.
  • Match 1 dollar Symbol, win a few Dollars.
  • Collect Coins to Redeem Gift Card.

Highlighted Features:

  • Funny scratch games help you have a good time and get the rewards casually
  • Try your luck and get lots of extra rewards
  • Check your saving pot every day and fill it up with coins
  • Add your coins and redeem Amazon gift cards
Lucky Money App Review - Legit or Scam? $10 easy cash what? 1

Does Lucky Money App have referral bonus?

They don’t have any referral bonus. All I can see are this options which is Daily reward, Redeem your coins, Cashout your money or coins, Contact them, help button and Settings.

Check out at the top left corner of the image bellow. That is so cheap thing to do right? WHen you can see an ID but not your account. An ID with a corresponding number. It’s like an application which is undeveloped or no budget.

I admired the design of the application. The over all games and prices that kind of stuff. But when it comes to accounts and ID they failed.

We don’t know actually if they will still change this in the future and probably it going to look nice.

Lucky money app review

Where to withdraw the money?

If they allow withdrawing money going to Paypal then it’s good. So we check it out and found out that the minimum amount to withdraw the money is $100.

Lucky money app review

And yes, You can withdraw it going to your Paypal account. You can check the image above.

Most of this apps like this are always promising us to let us withdraw as low as $5 or $100 but then if we will reach $99 suddently it is hard to make it.

Let me know in the comment section below if you have the same experience that I have.

Lucky Money APp Review in Playstore

In here I will show you the reviews they have in playstore. Let’s try to check if they have good reviews or fake once.

Lucky money app review

So, As you can see. This reviews have been asked to the users before they figure out how long will it take to reach that $100 minimum balance.

From this point. I will let you judge this application. Please share your verdict at the comment section below.

Lucky Money App Review CONCLUSION

So we finally arive at the last section of our blog. And this is the part where I will obviously say that I will not suggest this kind of application on to fully enjoy all the effort and hard work.

I will still look for Proof of Payment out there if there is someone already have withdrawn using this app. I will still update this guys. Let me know in the comment section if you have already withdrawn your money or you are about to install this app.

Thank you so much for checking out our Lucky Money APp Review.

For now it is 20% Legit.

Rating will be 1 star for now hehe.

Lucky Money App Review - Legit or Scam? $10 easy cash what? 2

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16 thoughts on “Lucky Money App Review – Legit or Scam? $10 easy cash what?


    im beginning to think its not worth my time and kind of a scam as far as Mr Luckys Vault it once u ger it u get like an hour after u ger it scratching tickets then says others can take it extend ur time for more points keep away from haxkers it lies doesnt work. I have been playing like 2 week takes forever to reach $10 to go to pay pal. I give it a rating of 2 for people with nothing to do no life just like dating sites sorry 2 say both suck.

  2. Christine Boyd says:

    Let me just say I have thoroughly enjoyed this game. I was so excited as I got close to pay out. Could this site be the real one? I reach $99.90 and all I’m getting is a continuous loading error. All other sites are up and running. If it ever let’s me back in, I’ll continue to play because I like the game. But it does make you wonder if they are all Scams…which would be sad during Covid.

  3. Jeanette says:

    I have been playing this game for more than 6 months, have not gotten 0.01 in months of scratching about a thousand cards. I can’t find anyone who has ever cashed out. SCAM. So how do they have a 4+ rating???? All I see are 1 star reviews

  4. Brandy Cisneros says:

    Lucky money is not a scam i have cashed out 3 or 4 times scratching tickets i take that back it was lucky day i cashed out on not lucky money. I do apologize

  5. Wendy says:

    It has stuck on $98.55 and I am unable to get any further. I get points but no $$$. It was collecting money quite regularly until I got close to $100. Another one that doesn’t want to pay and just keeps us playing to make their coins off of us looking at ads. I am also tired of these games buying their fake reviews so that we think they are honest games.

  6. John says:

    Although the lucky money is a scam, I do get money from another app when I play the lucky money app for 15 minutes. The app I use is called habit gift and it is legit. I have made around $50 and I only use it once in a while. It’s really just a time waster when I have nothing better to do. I don’t have any high hopes for getting money on the lucky money app, it’s just a way for me to make money on another app.

  7. Donna says:

    I like a 1.13 to cash out 100 bucks but I’ve been there not surprised for two weeks, I give up! People that make these, they suck! Hands down! It is what it is. Crap.

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