App Flame Review – Legit or Scam? 2022 Beware

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App Flame Review – Legit or Scam? 2022 Beware

App Flame review-While on the lockdown, you are probably looking for applications that can kill two birds with one stone; eradicating your boring days and at the same time, earning some money. 

Several game applications can be downloaded on your play store offering rewards or virtual money and claiming that they are legit, but end up giving you false hope as it turns out to be a scam. 

Thus, worry no more, as we will give you such unbiased insights and details about such applications, and for today, we will solely focus on providing a review on App Flame. 

App Flame Review

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What is App Flame?

App Flame is an application intended to reward you by completing missions such as installing and playing games. This application can be searched through the Google Play store (for Android) and IOS stores (for IOS).

Download app flame here:

This Application is not available in my country. So I’ll have to contact them and see if they will grant the Philippines in their system. But if this is available in your country, please download this app and test it out.

How Does App Flame Works? 

Once you download the application (for free!), you can now register via social media accounts, including Facebook, Email, or Google Account. The next step that you need to do is start earning!

How Can I earn Through App Flame? 

On this App Flame review, you will know that this reward application can give you money by earning virtual coins. These coins are called Mcoins, which is the app’s credit.

To earn Mcoins, you can install applications and run in on your phone and play the random games you downloaded. Most of the users can earn coins in every minute spent on it. 

The Mains can be encashed via PayPal or gift cards. However, encashment varies on location. Say, having gift cards is not applicable for non-US users.

Meanwhile, users coming from the US can exchange the coins not only through PayPal. Still, they can also choose among options, including Amazon gift cards, Google Play Credits, Playstation and Steam Wallet, Walmart, and many more.

Is App Flame legit or Scam? 

This 2022, several applications that claim to be legit are not giving you money in exchange, so you must beware of this! 

However, good news! App Flame is Legit

App Flame Review

Again the developers probably have checked these issues with their users. When you are going to check their reviews, they have good ones and bad reviews.

Is App Flame a stable source of income? 

Unfortunately, though you can earn money through this app, it won’t give you a fortune. This is suitable for reward applications that can provide you with entertainment but want to become productive by earning some money while playing. 

On the flip side, earning some money through this app won’t hurt you, as you can indeed have some dollars. 

Let’s call it an extra income. I want to test this out in the Philippines.
Kaya mga developer natin dyan. BAKA naman! hahaha!

What are the things I can do in App Flame? 

As mentioned above in this App Flame Review, you can earn money through missions. You can see this on the featured offers, which will require you to install the application for a certain amount of coins. 

These offers usually appear as ads, which provides a direct link on the application for you to download. 

Once you complete the task, it will be removed, and you can move forward to another application. TIP: To save some space on your mobile phones, you can uninstall the random application, given that you won’t be needing it. (But if you find it interesting, then you can save it!)

You might run out of offers, but this varies on location, and you can check the other day if new offers were added. 

What are the minimum coins needed to encash in App Flame? 

As soon as you create an account login, you will automatically be credited with 4,444 coins as a bonus. This is favorable on your side as the minimum points to encash is 4,999 Mcoins, equivalent to $0.5.

PayPal enchashment offers: 

  • 4,999 coins – $0.5
  • 9,898 coins – $1
  • 24,253 coins – $2
  • 24,253 coins – $5 

Thus once you sign-up, you only need a few coins to gain the minimum coins for cashout via PayPal. 

What are the Pros of App Flame? – App Flame Review 

Free application that offers Legit Money

App Flame is free to download earning applications that offer money through coins. In addition to this, signing doesn’t require personal information; thus, you can choose among any of your SNS accounts. 

Favorable Sign-up bonus and quick payout process

Aside from having a sign-up bonus of 75% of the needed coins for your first cashout, according to users, it is also easy to process payout, which can be acquired within the day. 

Low Minimum payout requirement

Though other applications require you unimaginable minimum payout before encashment, you can withdraw from App Flame, needing only 4,999 coins for $0.5. 

What are the cons of App Flame? – App Flame Review

Though it is a legit earning app, you may find some disadvantages from it as well, including these pointers:

Requires at least 1 RAM from Your Phone

Aside from the app itself, you must install other applications to earn coins; thus, it can be heavy for your phone. The app can also install a lot of junk that can take a lot of your storage. 

Beware of the applications that might be installed on your phone!

Lack of encashment methods

This might become a problem for those who don’t have a PayPal account or prefer other encashment methods as you can either withdraw the money through PayPal or gift cards, still varying from your location.

Requiring PayPal passwords For encashment

Yes, you see it right. If you request a PayPal payment, you have to confirm your PayPal email and password. Most of the time, transactions in PayPal only require the other party’s email address; thus, if you are storing some money on your account, it may be wary for you not to give your financial details, including passwords.

CONCLUSION – App Flame Review

This app flame review confirms that it is legit, but it may not be recommended for others or deserve some time. Think of it, you are required to download tons of applications to earn coins but haven’t noticed that it would require your data from your mobile or wifi data, which costs money. 

The few cents you will be earning might not be worthy of the time and effort you need to invest to earn coins. 

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