Buzzbreak Review: LEGIT or SCAM? Got me $100 in a month!

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BuzzBreak is a mobile application where you will receive gifts or points that can be converted into cash. The cash can be withdrawn in Gcash, which is a straightforward way. For as low as 20000 points, you will earn $0.02 going to your Gcash account.

Introduction – BuzzBreak Review

Hi guys, Today, I found another fun app that shocked my PayPal account. As I have said, 2000 points can be withdrawn from your account. But don’t get disappointed, of course.

What I will share with you are the best things to know if Buzzbreak is legit or not. Well, to answer your question it is very LEGIT.

But Before anything Else:
You can use this Code B01155494. The benefit you will receive to use this code is that you will receive 1100 points. Then it will just 900 points to go so you can withdraw in BuzzBreak.

Watch This Video on me Reviewing BuzzBreak:

I have used my phone to record it because the app is not available on the desktop.

You can download Buzzbreak Here.

You can also check out my other review on how I receive $5 in my PayPal account without any Effort.

How Buzzbreak make money?

Buzzbreak is making money by letting other companies advertise their product or services on their platform, and they will get a small commission once someone clicks it and purchases some products.

That is one of my theories on how they are generating money on their website. I need to check the FAQ if they have one. Or the about page or somewhere. What I can recommend to them is to make a version for Desktop. So many users can use it on their Laptop.

What is BuzzBreak App?

Buzzbreak is a mobile app where you can read news, funny memes, and many more. But there is more. They are also giving you gifts which can be converted into money.

image phone

When you click on the gifts button down on the right side, you will receive 5 points per 30 seconds. Before it gave more points but now it is limited to 5 points only.

Buzzbreak Review: LEGIT or SCAM? Got me $100 in a month! 1

Advantages and Disadvantages?

The Advantage of this App is that it has 2000 low points minimum withdrawal that can be cashout into PayPal. And You don’t have to give a lot of effort to achieve this mission.


Updated and latest news while you are earning

You can cash out via Gcash in 2 days

Very Legit and paying application

Spin the Wheel and get the chance to earn 500 pesos.

Daily Check-in and Hourly Reward

Every Wednesday points earned will be doubled

Invite three friends a day you can cash out 10 PHP to 500 PHP

Earn free points thru Referral.

Free points by reading articles and watching videos

The more significant facts you have, the higher rank you receive

Get 20% of your referred friends points

Won’t consume much of your phone’s storage and ram

The application is delightful, especially when you are bored.

There are daily missions for you to earn more


Small points to gain.

Issues in cashing out.

The Disadvantage of this App is that it has a very, very low cashout potential. Wanting to earn $100 in a month in this app is not achievable. Except if you have 1000 followers. LOL

That’s what I said way back in 2019. But now, in 2022 or 2023, it is still the same, but they have options for 1000 pesos to cashout

BuzzBreak 3 Things to know!

1. 20000 Minimum Points To Achieve

2. 1 peso Can be withdrawn to Gcash if you are in the Philippines

3. 45000 Points per Referral

How Does Buzzbreak WORK?

The first thing you should do is download and install the app on your phone. Just search BuzzBreak in Playstore, and it will be shown at the top directly.

BuzzBreak Review

Let’s assume that you have signed up and used the referral code B01155494. After that, you can click the yellow button every 30 seconds to earn 16000 points.

Every hour you will have bonus points to earn, which is considerable. Refer to the image below.

how to earn points in buzbreak

You can find these earn points in the EARN option below your screen.

The image above tells us that if you share Buzzbreak, you will have 10000 points.

When you are going to read articles, watch videos, then you will earn more points. You can also see that there are free points options. Here you can complete surveys or downloading games, and complete tasks.

You can also connect your Facebook account to the app and earn 1000 points.

Invite friends

So, according to Buzzbreak, you can get a 20% share of your friends’ earnings. The friends you can invite are unlimited, so you should ask more if you want more profits.

Check In

When you are going to check in every day, you will have a chance to double the rewards that you will get.

There was also a time when I checked for three consecutive days, and they doubled my earnings for that day.

How Much Can You Earn?

Well, you can earn as many points as you like. But then again it is very cheap.

Earning your first 30000 points will take you from 3 days to 5 days.

But the trick is that you can invite your friends or share a buzz break, and you can earn as big as 45000 points. Sounds good, right.

Invite Friends And Earn Commissions

buzzbreak Invite Friends And Earn Commissions

This is the part where I will tell you I am not a fan of Inviting my readers to use my referral code to earn money. LOL.

At first, I was confused. They have levels 1,2,3, and so on. Which has equivalent points to every referral? First Referral will have 900 points.

Now I am in Level 5, and my reference point is 45000. Let me know if you also received 45000 points

Currently, I have 1600+ referred users and earned 53million points


When to Withdraw your points?

You can withdraw your points when you reach 20000 points.

But for me, I just withdrew 20000 points to prove that they are paying via Gcash. And they did. Lucky me, haha.

But this 20000 points is just equivalent to 1 peso in the Philippines. Wow!

Well, If I were you, I would keep my points and withdraw them until I am satisfied with my conversions. Probably 1100+ pesos or 53.16 United States dollars will be a good idea to withdraw the money.

Buzzbreak Payment Proof

This is my payment Proof. If you are looking for this proof, then you found it. Hehehe. not that much, but it is just fun to play with it.

buzzbreak payment cashout history

Suppose one of you withdrew your points and didn’t receive them. You can still contact their support. Just email them, and they will respond to your concern.

Please let me know in the comment section if you have withdrawn your points and how much you have received.

How to Cash Out in BuzzBreak?

How to Cash Out in BuzzBreak

1. Go to the wallet

2. Choose Cash out options

3. Normally, when you are in the Philippines, you will not have any options but Gcash. If it is your first-time withdrawal, then you can just set that up very quickly.

4. Choose cash-out amount options

5. Click Cash out

6. And now all is good, hehe. All you have to do is wait for it to be received in your Gcash account. You will also receive a text confirmation for it.

BuzzBreak Conclusion – Should you try it?

If you have checked my Video above, then you can already conclude the answer to the question. I recommend watching the second video since it is the latest.

So is Buzzbreak legit or a scam? My answer is legit. They are paying you money once you have reached the minimum points of withdrawal.

Buzzbreak Review: LEGIT or SCAM? Got me $100 in a month! 2

Is this App Worth Your Time?

Technically no. You will waste a lot of time playing with this and receive a little in return. On the other hand, if you are an influencer or you have a lot of followers. Then this is a good app for you to give a try.

At first, I doubted that this would be another scam application but after a few months of inviting friends and playing the application. You will receive what you planted a few months ago. Everything is fair here, and You just need to have some effort in getting those few dollars by doing this side hustle.

Well, That’s just it. Please let me know if you have any questions. Comment if you have used the referral code, and let me know how many points you have received to help other readers.

You can also leave your referral codes below so others can use them.

CASHOUT ERROR. It’s always Loading when you are going to cash out.

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Buzzbreak Review: LEGIT or SCAM? Got me $100 in a month! 3

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61 thoughts on “Buzzbreak Review: LEGIT or SCAM? Got me $100 in a month!

  1. Nashak says:

    I send a pay out of 2000 points last week and even another one yesterday but since then till now, I haven’t received anything, please what’s wrong. Although I have made a complaint with their support contact and am still waiting.

  2. Sam says:

    They are not paying anymore its been weeks and nothing has been transferred to my paypal so stop making them money cause you wont get what you earned.

  3. LJL says:

    I have invited my friend and she made an account using my referral code but I didn’t receive any points nor a notification.

  4. Jesalyn says:

    As of now Sir, how will you use the money in PayPal account if you are in the Philippines? I already have 20 pesos balance in my PayPal but i don’t know how to use or to transfer may money to Gcash 🙁

  5. Tiffany says:

    Their customer service sucks! I have been trying to cash out since the 15th, and it’s not working. They aren’t responding to my emails I have been sending them!

  6. Lea says:

    Pwede ba ako gumawa Ng iba account pero iisang pay out account? like gcash. Invite ko KC family ko but Wala CLA gcash pwede Kaya same kme Ng pay out account?

  7. Jerlyn says:

    I already entered referral code. I have already 1million points but that was not enough to cash out the earning I had. My referral code is here B16966327. I am very hoping that there is someone who will use my referral code. Thankk youuuu. I am hoping too to response me

  8. Shoogas says:

    Hi buzzbreak cashout says within 48 hours and its been 24hours and i haven’t received anything. But, I’ve already cashed out 3 times. I didn’t experienced long cash out like this. Should I still wait?

  9. Cigz one-miG says:

    Sir patulong naman po ako.. bago pa lang po ako sa Buzz break.. ito po ang Referral code ko : B22949727 salamat po..


      Hello Roy, Yes that is really sad. they actually don’t allow to invite within the family area what I mean is the same WIFI. you probably need more invites to a different IP address. I’m just assuming here. Again I’m really sorry to hear that.

  10. Kryblood says:

    Hi everyone! I’m new to this app buzz break and it is truly a legit app. By the way my referral code is B31383417 to get extra points. Let’s help each other out (✿ ♡‿♡)

  11. Oliver says:

    Hi Sir! It’s nice to see that it is still an active blog. I would just like to ask for help, if there’s anyone you can refer to using my code: B14685882.

    I appreciate the help, thank you!

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